Home Decor Lamp Shades

Dreaming of a family home décor full of sweetness? Color taupe embroidered Lampshade and lamp baluster bring this soft atmosphere both chic and timeless. So check out our selection of blinds and resolutely lovely lights!

Concentrate of Lampshade Mole

For an interior of family homeinspiration, fall for new blinds Laurie declined in taupe and gray light. These timeless and subtle hues are perfect to give a classic chic to your home or bike style . Made for a more couture, adopt slaughter-day King to chic graphic stripes. For ambience holiday home in the gently old-fashioned charm, prefer the Liza and Dolce Vita, ultra romantic shade with their embroidered inscriptions. And if you dream of a style worthy of the mansions of the period XIXth, adopt without delay the refinement of the square Lampshade Guernsey to the floral patterns, symbols of a home elegant and refined according to LEDLIGHTSCLASSIFIED.

Timeless charm lamps

You want to bring a touch of charm to the feminine accents without falling into a too classic décor? Opt for ceramic lamps in colours of beige or taupe, symbol of elegance and charm. With her foot flared ceramic and his wonderful Lampshade embellished with a brilliant bias, beige Fan lamp effectively fulfills this mission. The lamp Tara reveals as a look at the current charm. The dull pebbles that make up are foot bring great sweetness and sign a timeless style.

For a contemporary boutique style lamps

The charm can also invite more contemporary worlds. To do this, bet on lamps to classic shapes revisited and reinterpreted with modern materials and pure forms. The image of the lamp blown glass Diego Gray, red, or purple: his foot recalls the classic lamps of baluster form reinterpreted and restyled by the transparency of the glass. Same spirit for Aliya lamp charm very contemporary with a 3 foot balls in a very sanitized version.