Hiking Socks

Traveling with comfortable hiking socks

, The cornerstone for a successful hiking or trekking tour are the socks in each case. The feet are finally strongly claimed on an extensive tour. About socks for hiking have to play a lot, to make comfortable and fatigue-free. With high-quality trekking socks, no distance is too far and no mountain too steep! Backpack, shoes and socks for hiking, more it takes not to go wandering!

What must to good socks for hiking?

This is the hiking tour not to torture, trekking socks must have some important properties. A general problem with long marches is the formation of bubbles. High-quality socks for hiking through their optimum fit to avoid unnecessary friction in the hiking boot and greatly reduce this risk. Of course high-quality socks for hiking can withstand also correctly, because it travels very long distances in them. Often hiking and even trekking socks on the much-exposed areas like the heel are reinforced, which prolongs their life a lot. The Merino Socks provide a comfortable foot climate. These Merino Wool hiking socks are breathable, are great on the skin and the best: the anti-microbial properties, these socks for hiking are odor-resistant. So have smelly don’t stand a chance!