Hiking & Tekking Maps

Hiking maps and maps are indispensable for the tour

At home on the kitchen table for the planning and in the long-awaited holiday maps are handy! Depending on the project, the corresponding card can be found for each tour. The publishers of Compass, DAV, and Rother, to name just a few, have very accurate and up-to-date guides, maps and tourist maps in the program.

The correct maps at an appropriate scale is important for the orientation

this should be for the planned tour to date and come at the appropriate level. For the rough travel planning is enough of a smaller scale, one stands in the grounds must be accurately represented and recorded the hiking trails. This is the name of the scale in large and small how to initially think it vice versa. 1:100000 is a large scale a little, 1:25000. < br / > unlike as in the thematic maps in the Atlas of the school or in the news magazine makes the topographic map here absolutely sense. The contour lines and corresponding relief allow so advance get a good impression of the relief of the tour.

A handy map has a compact format

the appropriate format should be selected for use on tour. So, the card or the guide in the pocket of the hiking pants can be stored. This facilitates the navigation, because the line can be controlled easier if you focused more often on the grounds.

Up-to-date maps are important for the GPS device

In the Alps, in the Canary Islands or in the deepest corner of Lapland: also a navigation unit must be equipped with current maps. Here, Garmin has very neat maps. This also applies to leisure Maps for the leisurely cycling holidays with the family.