Highlights of Day 2 Beauty

As this edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week is hectic! Is a mission almost impossible to keep track of everything, but our team is shining! The beach fashion shows and collections were shown.
While the first day the hair with wet effect and eyes outlined reigned, now we highlight your eyes with metallized glossy effect.

In the opinion of our team was the best looks of the day:
The collection was inspired by a love story between a mermaid and a surfer. Very glamour permeated the presentation, which became even more palpable with the models-mermaids created by Max Weber. The beauty artist plunged headlong into thematic and not saved in appliqué and glitter.
All the make-up was done with Catherine Hill-branded products. In the eye, wet effect with gloss (applied also in the temples), which also served to secure the holographic glitter “Vip Frozen”. “The trick is to apply the product with a brush“, explained the expert according to WHITEHALLMAKEUP. To mark the concave, a shadow copper was the choice.
Two tone weave were used so the result was a hair look. After being arrested with tick-tock, the Wicks were enough volume and braided with spray. The intention was to give a podrinho effect and a lot of texture. We love the result!
Coconut Water
The collection brought the references Ceará in your summer collection. Many applications with lace, fabrics and plots brought the charm of craftsmanship, which turned the city’s icon. Typically northern landscapes inspired color palette, composed of earthy tones, neutral and green in them. And these nuances brought references to the beauty, commanded by Rodrigo Costa, who debuted in SPFW and did a great job.
Mac pigment eye super shinny, Golden, copper and merging marsala. A super nifty bun topped with braids brought even more charm to the hair.
The mark bet on luminosity for beauty. Henrique Martins bet just in Dior products for production, which brought a footprint super fresh, perfect for day-to-day in the summer. In the skin, only BB Cream, Glow Maximizer and illuminator. All applied with caution so as not to regret the result.
In the eye, Golden Shadow primer was gloss transparent over the wet effect. They also had hair and were awarded with a bow of acrylic.
Lilly Sarti
Another beauty where the metallic tones reigned. Daniel Hernandez also backed the glossy effect and elected the palette Trend Forcast Eyes, Mac, as the darling of the backstage. Beyond the Eyegloss Lightly Tauped was also used, in addition to many mask to mark the eyelashes.