Highlights of Day 1 Beauty

Off to the 39th Edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week, which also celebrates 20 years of history. And on the first day of the largest fashion week in the southern hemisphere, rolled it all: famous and, of course, the celebration of the national fashion, extolled in an intense calendar, full of content.

We picked up the best of beauty of parades that rolled in #DAY1, which was a repeat of an eye outlined and hair combed back (with wet effect).See how each brand proposed the visual for the summer 2016:
The Animal opened the line-up and has strengthened your DNA to dress a woman sexy and self-assured. There was no lack of transparencies, cracks and templates trying to balance on heels. Beauty, our attention turned to the outlined eyes. The stroke was made with the Acrylic (MAC Pro) and had a little smoky look finish. The beauty artist Fabiana Gomes wanted to bring an effect of eyelid lightly “stamped”.
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Then it was the turn of A show your summer 2016 on the catwalk of SPFW. Our dear Marcos Costa invested in a special light to the face. And that’s what we want to highlight this beauty. He used three products to achieve the effect was striking without being over (this is a risk of betting on Illuminators with profusion).
The beauty artist used a creamy stick on mobile eyelid and on the temples, a marbled effect to enhance the apples and also on the lips, to give a apagadinha in traces. He scooped the visual with Golden shade in the eye.
After the timelessness of A, it was the turn of TNG squander all your urban air of jeanswear for the fahion show. With the backstage under the command of Robert Stephen, the beauty brought an air of rock and roll. Tail with high bagunçadinho tuft, textured and slightly pulled to the side was the choice for the hair. On the make, the choice was for an eye outlined (the second of the day), but with the difference that was not used in mask eyelashes.
Patricia Bonaldi paraded a revival of 60 years with your glam touch in this issue of SPFW. Mining Designer bet in many applications of flowers that gave 3D effect and abused the shape the dresses that came up in leather. One of the inspirations of Henrique Martins, who signed the beauty of the show, was the visual of Twiggy, who we love. The make up artist made more jagged strokes up and down with black shadow (used beveled brush) and scooped with mask. The intention was to give a borradinha with her. The hair was wet with mousse, slicked back.
Patricia Bonaldi
The Cavalera ended the first day of FASHION WEEK with more than a parade. It was a performance, as he always does. This time the collection was inspired by the Village Mutum and had the presence of the Yawanawás Indians, of Acre. For beauty, Robert Stephen sought indigenous references and brought to the fashion show. He made a DAB of Acqua Color White on the eyelid and closed the visual with super red lips (lip, MAC mix). The visual was impressive and modern!