High-quality Ice Screws

Perfectly protected by high-quality ice screws

For the safety-conscious mountaineers, a tour in the mountains without ice screws is unthinkable. The ice screw is usually made of steel and offers highest level of safety on glacier tours or alpine ice climbing. Therefore good ice screws should always belong to the standard equipment of every climber.
A general rule: the longer the ice screw, the higher the holding force in the ice. The longer models are used for parking spaces, important backups, and glacier tours and the short ice screws for interim backups.

The ice screw – a success story

Ice hooks were previously only used to back up ice climbing, since the mid-1970s the ice screws are inexorably on the rise. The advantages of the ice screw are not to have the hand. They are stable, must not completely freely offered in contrast to the ice hook when removing and are easy to use.
In addition to the simple ice screw, there are also variants with integrated handle. Crank bolts have the advantage of being easier and above all very faster to rotate a lot, but also have a higher weight. This way, you can easily master even the most demanding tour. To save ballast can be used so a kurbellosen model. But ultimately it is a matter every alpinist himself, which screws variant is used. The most popular products are the Grivel, Petzl and Black Diamond ice screws.