Henley Shirt Men, to Inspire and Where to Find

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) Remember the post of shirts that are up to 2016, right?One of the models that is very strong is the Henley Shirt and then to highlight it in that I got várias content questions about, to post more inspirations and to indicate places to find, then request accepted, right, decided to separate the space of today for good! Bora pro post be inspired and see more about the Henley Shirt Men? As I said above, I received several emails and comments here in male Fashion after the post ofShirts that are up to 2016, asking me to explore more Henley, so come on! The Henley Shirt Men is the model which is characterized by having this row of buttons on the collar (unlike the Polo shirt, okay?), here in Brazil I’ve seen a lot of people call it a collar. Usually 2 to 5 buttons, it can be short-sleeve, Sleeve or long-sleeve 3/4.
Is a very good model to give a differentiated in visual, especially in a Flat Piece, because it includes this detail of the buttons, you can give a touch of formality to a more casual look, it can be used under a blazer, for example, jacket, shirt or so alone even with pants, shorts, anyway, she is very versatile.
Below separated several inspirations of Male Henley shirt Looks and also some indications of shops to buy the template, let’s take a look at team on Healthvv.Com?
Portuguese Male Collar shirt with denim shirt, Coat, khaki pants and boots, I found that the mass look for a cold day and pretty cool to go to various events. To get a job, to get out, to dinner, to a bar and several etc’s haha
Where To Find? I separated some stores found Henley t-shirt models to buy men’s team, take a look:
Department stores: I’ve found SEVERAL times Henley models at stores like Zara, Forever21, Renner, Luigi Bertolli, etc. The Valley camp in malls, on my last visit in Forever21, for example, found some 5 or 6 models with this collar;
Hermoso Compadre: The Hermoso Compadre has several models with the collar buttons, is worth visiting and have a garimpadinha on the site, just Click HERE;
# Company: The Right Here, national brand that values the basics and different, has a model Henley in their collections, just Click HERE .
At T-shirts: Never bought or received anything of Alt tee shirts, but they have this short sleeve model, in various colors, the Valley record, just Click HERE;
TACO: Found in 4 colors in the TACO Shop too, just Click HERE.
Revolve MAN: The price is higher and they care a Gringa parts here, but the price is already converted to reals, worth visiting, just Click HERE;
Great Outfit: I found this model in Big Clothes, shop directed to Fat, the size goes up to the G4, just Click HERE;
ASOS: For those who are accustomed to buying out, ASOS is a good option, various models of Henley Shirt men, despite the tax, it may be that in some cases the purchase worthwhile, just Click HERE.