Headphones Aquatic: Complete Guide

For decades, headphones have been virtually omnipresent in the gym. This is not the case in the pool. For the most part, the swimmers and water enthusiasts have remained dry, so to speak. Since relatively recently it is over. The headphones water giving a decent reproduction of audio under water are becoming common. Thanks to its affordable prices, it is likely that you even see some of your sporting colleagues with these helmets.
Say that there is a lot of helmets out there that simply do not engage well under water. But there are some that make you wonder, are those that are going to review here.

Here is our summary of the best waterproof headphones. Each must provide an airtight seal, and some even provide a fairly balanced bass. All of them can be purchased for less than 80 euros.

More into the detail of each model analysis

Before you begin, here is a quick note. If you are having difficulties to form a seal with your handset, this is sprinkle a small amount of petroleum jelly or lipstick on the rim of the ear. And please caution, these headphones can cause damage to the ear significantly If used below 3 meters (9 feet).

Swimbuds Shortcord (€49)

The Swimbuds are commonly included with iPod shuffles waterproofed which are almost omnipresent in swimming pools. It is likely that you’ve seen Swimbuds before. They are one of the most popular options. To begin with, they are guaranteed for two years, and come with a stereo jack, gold plated to prevent corrosion.
Best price found: €49
Each swimmer looking for a device that will remain securely in the ear. The Swimbuds will do that. Basically they are removable ear hooks that wrap around the ears and are four pairs different designs to fit different sizes of the auditory canal. Also included are two cables, a short cable with long enough to go around the glasses, but not too long. There is also a waterproof extension that is useful for other water sports or visits to the drier parts of the gym. Once again, the application of Vaseline on the edge of the ear canal should help with the adjustment.

Waterfi Waterproof Short Cord (€45)

Everything about these headphones is designed to combat the humidity. Of course, short of the Waterfi cable excels in this category – which is expected of Waterfi, veterans waterproof behind such proofed as iPod shuffle submersible devices. These headphones may not have the sound quality of the headphones that go over the ear that you have in the office, but they do very well for pool.
Best offer: €45
Especially considering that they have a cable shorter than you it clings easily to sunglasses, but not long enough to get in the way of your training. Waterfi added an audio jack gold plated to combat salt, chlorine and other corrosive elements.

Pyle PWPE 10B (€19)

These days, there is not much you can do with 10 euros. You could buy dinner, have a few beers, and perhaps buy 3 gallons of gasoline. Pyle PWPE10B could be the best way to spend 10 euros. Course, that it will not provide the sound or the setting of some of the other options, but offers enough utility and durability to pastime swimmer who simply curious to know if you listen to music while nothing is worthwhile. It may be a good idea considering that water-headphones are a product that takes. Perfect to begin to sum it up.
Best price found: €19
Are they perfect? Not exactly. The main drawback is the setting. The harsh reality is this: you have to keep these helmets in place with a headband or swimming Cap. Inside the box you’ll find three sizes of headphones and a somewhat cumbersome 4 foot long cable. Jack gold-plated audio and silicone helmets have the ability to withstand moisture, salt and chlorine. You will also receive a 1 year warranty.
Although much criticized direction of Pyle by not replace broken headphones. If these headphones have malfunction (and it can happen, because these are not meant to be a long-term solution) chances are that you will not receive much support.

H2O Audio Flex (€39)

Think about these headphones dark color as the headphones for running H2O to fashion. This brand has designed headphones for running and resistant to the water for a while, and now are sticking in the pool. They have an impressive innovation, a fully waterproof microphone which allows users to make calls in the pool with the touch of a button. It is unlikely that you take your phone into the pool, but this could be a benefit for anyone who is looking for headphones waterproof which could also be used well in the gym.
Best offer found: €39
Qualified to resist water up to 3 meters, the package includes 5 different headphones, bass amplified, a little isolated sound, and a remote control that lets you change tracks or adjust the volume directly from the cable. Although, these bad guys work best with iOS. Some of the features may not work in Windows or Android devices.

Sony NWZW273S (€79)

Sony headphones classics for sport have been waterproofed. And people of Sony is serious about friendly nature to test the water of your headphones. Originally, the headphones were offered in a package that is dipped in water. This is not the case, but it may be the best solution available to anyone who has spent decades doing exercise with a Walkman.
Best price found: €79
It is true that the sheath around the design you can feel uncomfortable and increase resistance. Even so, the Walkman W has a host of fabulous features, including a function to load fast which allows users to get 60 minutes of playback for only 3 minutes of charging. It is one of the most affordable, taking into account options that you won’t have to buy a waterproof mp3 player. The Walkman W allows users to drag and drop music directly to the headphones, and create playlists of music from third-party players, including iTunes and Windows Media Player.

What else there is to know

You can actually take your music wherever you go. It doesn’t matter which sport you like, whether it be swimming, running or something else, water-headphones will help you listen to the music that you like while you stay active. These headphones are designed to provide a sound quality even when they are immersed in the water. Many of these headphones under water allow you to download almost 10 feet in water up to 30 minutes while they continue to operate optimally.
These devices waterproof capabilities are excellent, and if the pads become dirty, or are covered with sweat after an intense exercise session, simply wash with water and a little SOAP. At the end of the day, you’ll always have a clean pair of headphones with high sound quality.
Many of the best waterproof headphones provide several different sizes of headphones that fit any ear canal. These provide an comfortable fit, so it doesn’t matter what sport you are involved or if you are swimming underwater, won’t have to worry about your headphones is falling.

Headphones water: what to look for?

When you are looking for the best submersible headphones, you need a product that provides a powerful, high-quality sound and a comfortable design and a variety of additional features, such as the ability to operate at great depths and for long periods of time. Below are the criteria that we use to evaluate the best aquatic headphones.

Sound quality

The quality of the headphones is one of the most important and basic aspects. Many of these headphones can be submerged in water for long periods of time and still work to their full potential. Some of the best aquatic headphones have environmental noise characteristics allowing to hear noises in your environment, the time is to listen to music.

Comfortable fit

When sweat-proof headphones are used for all kinds of sports, you need a pair of headphones that are comfortable and do not fall. Many products provide various sizes of headphones so you can find the most suitable system for your ear canal. Each waterproof earphone is designed differently. Some submersible headphones are headphones, while others provide the ear hooks to help keep the earphones in place.
You can find headphones waterproof with reflective roofs that can help others to see you in low light. You can also find many of the best headphones for swimming in a variety of colors to match your style.

Main features

Some waterproof headphones provide several additional features that truly improve them, while others are very simple. Sweat-proof headphones best include remote capabilities. This means that while you are in an intense workout and you need to adjust the volume, you can use the remote control located in the cable to increase or decrease volume. You must also observe the connector of your device to make sure that you have a 3.5 mm connector standard that conform to the majority of electronic devices.


With a combination of the above items, you can find waterproof headphones that really allow you to take your music for all wherever you go.