Hard shell helmets (5)

The head is always optimally protected with a hard shell helmet

, The most important muscle in the climbing is the head. Even though this saying sounds now slightly corny, you can deny but his veracity him. Who pays when climbing on protection and security, for which a hard shell helmet is simply. Hard shell helmets protect the head from stone and ice strike especially in the Alpine use, and ensure that the climb is accident-free.

What are hard shell helmets?

Hard shell helmets consist of a hard plastic outer shell and a belt system on the inside of the helmet. In the event of a collision, the load on the entire hard shell helmet is distributed and attenuated by the belt system. Due to the nature of the shock absorption, hard shell helmets can catch multiple shocks, should be replaced with the time. Also, the belt system that can circulate the air between the outer shell and harness what ensures a cool head ensures. A hard shell helmet protects the head against injury, and is thus an insurance for a successful tour.