Handlebar Bag Bikepacking

VAUDE handlebar bag with map Pocket bags create easily accessible storage space in the saddle

A handy addition to the equipment on leisurely bike rides or the monthlong bicycle tour: helmet for the bike! Because these are different than carrier bags and saddle bags anytime, all easily accessible. Bike backpacks are comfortable, finely ventilated and offer proper storage. These are however uncomfortable on long trips and multi-day tours. Here have bike bags and panniers, which are worn directly on the body benefits!

Balanced load distribution on the bike

For long days in the saddle of a backpack with the time will be very difficult, also the charge due to the larger distance to the ground pedaling rocks up. A bike backpack must be removed to get to the equipment. In the handlebar bag, often needed small parts remain easily accessible.
The camera, purse, or a small snack for between are without interrupting the drive immediately to hand. Travelling in unknown terrain the card can be with the day’s stage in the card slot store. So it has a card holder with protective cover at the same time and can concentrate on the line.

Durable, rugged companion for adventurous bike tours

The fabric from which a full handlebar bag is manufactured, has specific material properties. Unlike as in functional clothing, a bicycle bag need be not breathable. The most important criteria in the selection are robust, resistant and therefore durable.
Proven producers such as Norco and VAUDE put on especially robust and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric. These are water resistant, with a rain hood and the corresponding lock on the lid the bag to the handlebar is waterproof and even long-lasting rain does not penetrate into the Interior.

Useful additional details of handlebar bags

On their additional features is worth before of the purchase of a handlebar bag. What attachment is installed? Here, click fix is very handy. Additional details, such as reflective elements, or reflective material are practical and prudent additions. Because this safety in low-light conditions or in darkness is increased and the bag can be easily mounted and take off.
Finally, the look and design play an important role. Especially when the bike used in the everyday life and the handlebar bag serves as additional storage possibility.