Guide to Buying Right Camping Mats

Mats – important basis for effective recovery!

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If you are in the open air for several days, it is all the more important that you sleep well at night. So it is recovering from the exertions of the day and the body can give everything again the next morning! So you wake up with back pain or cold camping mats provide the necessary insulation to the ground. A sleeping mat directly warms, but shields the body from the cold of ground. This works so that the trapped air acts as an actual insulator. It is here important that the air in the mattress and no Exchange takes place. This is achieved through the insulation materials. Among them you can find foam, synthetic fiber or even down!
As so often is the outdoors on this subject a huge selection, only by their desires and demands of the tour limit it can be. Rather, if one is paths on busy for several days on the road, they want a lightweight sleeping pad with small pack size with camping knife (or DAO). Others prefer inflatable mats with a high insulation value for a comfortable night’s sleep. Also the intended decides for which mattress you finally choose.

Isolation level

Of the isolation level or a sleeping mat insulation ability is measured by the so-called value of R. Where: the higher the R-value, the better the thermal insulation of material. The R value also indicates up to which outside temperature, the use of a sleeping mat makes sense. If you put together two mats, you can simply count along the R-values! So you can learn up to what temperature the combination is ready to sufficiently isolate.


Are the most common types of camping mats foam mats, self-inflating mats and the so-called air TANZI. Also the down mats, which exhibit a high R value fall into the last category. Here, the air chambers are filled with down. So you can stay comfortable even in freezing temperatures in the double-digit range. The advantages of self-inflating camping mats, however, are their most cost-effective purchase, the comfort and a small pack size. The danger, however, is that creates a hole in the material, which minimizes the effect of isolation. Traditional foam mats are priced very cheap, absolutely robust and ready for winter. But they have a higher pack size and are easy to beat on comfort.
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