GSM Codes: Secret Features on Your iphone

Most users use their iphone mainly via the classic settings menu. But it is also different. Apple has implemented some codes in the firmware through their input to get additional information or change settings of the iphone. So-called GSM codes, keyboard shortcuts, with which you call hidden menus reveal even some features that would be otherwise unavailable, depending on the provider. In the phone application, type the asterisk hash codes, and promptly runs an action sometimes is needed before the operation of the handset symbol. As a result of the code input can be set or show your number call diversion. To invoke hidden service menus that only the customer service to see gets,.
Warning: Most of the functions and menus are intended not for the user, but for the mobile operator or service technician. For this reason, only a few codes are publicly documented. Even menus to be some GSM codes call, containing risky functions (as the games on new firmware). Use the code shown here is done at your own risk.

The main GSM codes for iphone
GSM Codes: To enable hidden Cell phone Features
The main GSM Codes for Android Smartphones

Phone numbers and personal data

Often have to enter individual numbers about phone numbers or personal data. If, for example, [phone] in the overview, you enter the appropriate telephone number without the square brackets.

Show serial number and your own mobile number

The use of codes is varied, you can show, for example, the serial number of the iphone via GSM-code * # 06 #. This IMEI number is important in the theft of the Smartphone. Only with the serial number, it is possible to clearly identify the mobile phone at a fund the police. If you have forgotten your mobile number, show them with the code *135#.

Field test mode for expert

In addition to character combinations for the call waiting or Rufumleitungs functions, elicit but also deep-level iphone secrets. You can reach the field test mode by entering the GSM codes * 3001#12345# *. In addition to some submenus you will receive particular insight into the precise signal strength of the current cell. Instead of the usual display with up to five bars or circles, the strength of the signal, the exact number will be issued. To understand of the cryptic numbers: A db value of 80 is good, all under-100 db corresponds to a poor reception.

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The codes definitely work?

The SIM card can lead to limitations. Certain functions are locked, for example, for prepaid cards. It also happens that different firmware versions prevent certain codes work or disclose information to.