Gsm Codes: Secret Features Of Your Android Smartphone

More than your contacts can call the phone app on your android smartphone. With some cryptic characters and combinations, known as gsm, or ussd codes, check out your android in the innards. In the phone application, type the asterisk hash codes and promptly runs an action sometimes is needed before even the operation of the handset symbol. As a result of the code input can be set or show your number call diversion. So, you call hidden service menus that only the customer service to see gets. If the codes work, is dependent on but by the mobile service provider and the device manufacturer, not every company can be to the shortcuts.

The main gsm codes for android phones

20 codes to the picture gallery please note: most of these functions and menus are intended not for the user, but for the mobile operator or service technician. For this reason, only a few codes are publicly documented. Even menus to be some gsm codes call, containing risky functions (as the games on new firmware). Use the codes shown here happens on own danger.
Gsm codes: to enable hidden cell phone features

Phone numbers and personal data

Often have to enter individual numbers about phone numbers or personal data. If, for example, [phone] in the overview, you enter the appropriate telephone number without the square brackets.

The codes for each cell are suitable?

Only a few android codes work on all devices. For example opens * #* # 4636 * an extended info menu. There you will find telephone and arrow, usage statistics, and also regarding the imei (international mobile equipment identity). This unique device identification number identifies your phone. The display functions using the code * #06 #.
The main gsm codes for iphone
otherwise: the android smartphone range and used menus are so varied, is so different from the functionality of the code. Which services and settings change in the network can be determined the operator. But the sim card used leads to restrictions. Certain functions are locked, for example, for prepaid cards. It happens quite different phone models of a manufacturer each different code information to give or do not work. This is mostly because that not always the same firmware so the operation program of the mobile phone is used.

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