Grinding Packed by the Day

Not only girlish-cute, but also grown-up-glamorous and sometimes really sexy: loops are currently the coronation of many looks. We reveal where the sanding pad comes from and which designers have implemented it particularly “binding” in the current season. Whether as a decent eye-catcher or an opulent centerpiece of a styling: this summer applies: tying is welcome!

Grinding: At That Time, As Today A “Gift” For Trendy Looks

Even in the middle of the last century were loops en vogue: While the trend towards the sleaze already in the 1940s came up, the 50s ensured that the loop became the ubiquitous symbol of seductive femininity: grinding in the hair, at the cleavage, at the waist or also At the time belonged to the repertoire of contemporary fashion. Stylikonen like Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy let loops become indispensable jewelery elements that gave their wearer a girlish elegance. At least Audrey Hepburn made velvet and satin loops into “breakfast at Tiffany’s” indispensable “must-wears”.
Today, many designers are redesigning the grinding wheel: once nostalgic, sometimes extravagant-androgyn, but always “trendbindiglich”.
The designer duo Viktor & Rolf from Belgium was inspired by loops for his spring/summer collection 2005 and wrapped his models in oversized tapes.
For the luminaries of the Haute Couture – especially Chanel, Dior, Prada and Valentino – loops are a popular element to convey feminine eccentricity. At all: Chanel fashion without loops?Unthinkable! Beside the small black , pearls, gold and tweed also loops belong to the typical characteristics of Chanel-Looks. In the collections for spring/summer 2016 loops had a big appearance with many designers-and in a surprisingly versatile design:
Both Oscar de la Renta and Proenza Schouler lend Spanish-inspired classes to loops in the form of long ribbons.
Gucci goes to Gucci. Here, opulent retro patterns meet “binding” details: Brave ribbons over the blouse collar, but also chiffon loops shape the retro opulence at the Gucci.
Salvatore Ferragamo sends airy dresses with straps and Carmen blouses tied to the bow across the catwalk, followed by high-waisted skirts and figure-cut dresses with multi-waisted and bound waistband.
Draped fabric drapes on skirt skirts and front-chest-capes, and Biedermeier-style skirts are part of Ferragamo’s spring-summer ode to the loop.
Lanvin interprets loops less playful and uses them as a decorative element for strict, rather reduced looks.
The fact that loops look not only sweet but also glamorous, besides the runway looks, Hollywood stars also prove on the red carpet. But even in everyday life, loop looks can provide eye-catching moments. We’re spoiled for choice: A few discreet little sandals on shoes or accessories, or a hingucker loops on keypieces, such as off-the-shoulder Carmen-style dresses, sled blouses or highwaist pants? Grinding is omnipresent-in all sizes and from different materials.

Very Binding: The Way The Sanding Wheel Decorates Different Looks

Whether as a tied sleigh on dresses, blouses or tops in the 70s style, as a Halstuch or a pretty look in the form of hat, brooch, pocket or shoe jewelery: We are currently looking forward to the “Dauerschleife” and look forward to multifaceted looks , Are classic-feminine.
Opulent & retro: sleek blouses! Can be used both professionally and as a Party-Basic – depending on how good the blouse is and how much skin is shown (the game with transparency often makes the difference).
A men’s fly to shirt or blouse is an unconventional variant of the loop look.
Best Western Casual: Lay a narrow fabric or leather band around your neck and tie it between the collar tips to the loop. Fits both jeans shirt and print blouse.
Noble, adult and Chanel-lig will be the look when a black scarf is tied over a white blouse to the “necktie loop” at the neck.
Summer-girlish: dresses , blouses and tops, which are held over the shoulders by narrow straps bound to the loop.
Evening-elegant: Dresses with loops at the neck, at the shoulder or also at the neck. Particularly extravagant: XXL loops at waist or skirt hem.
On pointed pumps or ballerina sandals remember the 1950s, at the back of the heel they make a great appearance even more meaningful. If the bows are used as the coronation of a band loosely wrapped around the ankles, as with the fashionable lace ballerinas, they can always accompany us everywhere.
Grips as head plaster: opulent Fascinator à la Duchess Kate, sweet hairline or cool knotted hippie hair band, grinded horse tail in the 50s style or turban-like winding art with bow? The imagination knows no limits!

Quick DIY Tricks For Loop Fans

A simple trick that transforms a simple dress in a flash: the narrow, long cloth or wide satin ribbon of appropriate length around the waist and bind to the front, side or back of the loop.This makes the look immediately feminine and emphasizes the silhouette extremely advantageously – provided the loop is set high enough.
Even sleeveless tops or dresses can be jotted with a loop, which is tied from a patterned cloth, scarf or ribbon to the wearer.
Lace-up shoes, sandals or stilettos get the “normal” shoelaces or straps just wider breasts and a decorative “top bow”.
We wish you a lot of fun with the Schleifentrend!