Gopro Hero4 Session: WÜRfelförmig, Waterproof And Compatible To iPhone

The action cam specialist GoPro has unveiled a new camera: the GoPro Hero4 session is characterized mainly by its even more compact design in cube shape. She is from work up to about 10 meters depth waterproof and thus could be the favorite of all water sports this summer.
GoPro is not the first manufacturer who puts a camera in a compact cube case. But even better, compared to the significantly lower Polaroid cube, the GoPro Hero4 session might be the appropriate for professionals. It distinguishes itself not only by a higher price, but brings also some features and extras, that are made possible only through the acquisition of additional equipment for the Polaroid.
A Hit For The 2015 Summer Vacation?
The GoPro Hero4 session will be available starting July 12 in two editions. Both packages contain the same camera, but differ in the enclosed accessories. The Standard Edition of the GoPro Hero4 session contains a curved bracket, as well as a flat adhesive mount, a special holder for surfboards, as well as a FCS plug fixture and a camera bracket band instead accompany the surf Edition. Both versions of the action cam should cost 429,99 euros each to start. If you already have a GoPro camera, which can use existing mounts even with the new camera cube.
Despite the fairly crisp price, the ultra-compact GoPro Hero4 session could become the star of the just-begun summer. Thanks to its waterproof housing and their low mass it is probably really suitable for shots when snorkeling and surfing. In a resolution of 720 p, it creates also even slow motion shots 100 frames per second. 60 frames per second are possible in case of full-HD mode and with a maximum video resolution of 1920 x 1440, there are still 30 fps. Wide-angle photographs are made with 8 MP.
Control you can the GoPro Hero4 session with a remote control via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or the GoPro app for iOS. Recordings can be started, for example, while browsing but also through the easy shutter release button on the camera. Should you be interested in an action cam, you can find here even a short overview with alternatives that do not come from GoPro.