Google Play Doubles Their Applications in a Year and Already Has More Than The App Store

It is true that when he began, Google Play It wasn’t too attractive for developers, but it has gradually been catching much popularity. So much so that by 2014 it doubled the number of applications with respect to the 2013, touching the million and a half of applications According to Appfigures.
With those numbers has already passed to the App Store on iOS, which from the beginning has been outperforming him in the number of applications. Also it has greatly increased the number of developers, but from 2012 they takes beating, and that there are registered in the App Store, but their difference increases every year.
As for the theme that grows more in Google Play, the clear winner are games being the second section of photography. In the case of the games, it is by far more developers section has, overcoming widely the rest.
With these numbers we can clearly define that Google Play is one of the most successful platforms, although it is true that that implies greater competition with other applications. Apart from that, the growth is that is expected, although missing data that tell us the money arising from the applications