Google Pixel C: Test Android-6.0 Tablet

Test conclusion: what you should know

In the test that suggested pixel C is really good: noble acts the tablet with its rear aluminum cover and is conveniently situated in the hand even if it got something difficult with 514 grams. The display offered a high image definition, there were luminous colors. The processor worked perfectly with the new operating system Android 6 in the test and offered a high pace of work. Too bad that the memory is not expandable, Google has saved on a USB-C-cable for fast data exchange with PC and no LTE version offers. Best price on the Internet: 915,51 euro * per order this product at Amazon very high pace of work very high image quality long battery life good processing Wi-Fi-ac cons some high weight memory not expandable C cable for data exchange not in the package LTE version unavailable test note of Editor 2.60 satisfying user rating now evaluate the demands on tablets are high especially if they come from well-known companies such as Google. So far, the mountain view, California-based manufacturer with his tablets was rather scruffy. So, for example, that weak last presented nexus 9 on a somewhat clunky troubled construction, battery life was only moderate and in terms of speed and image quality it ranked air 2 or the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet far behind rivals like the Apple ipad. The C pixel set it now: with a super sharp display, NVIDIA’s Tegra-X 1-processor and current operating system Android 6 alias Marshmallow. The test by Our site shows how the Google Tablet really beat.

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Chic case, pure Android and a practical keyboard: the Google pixel C is in direct competition with the Surface Pro. With opportunities? Unboxing: The new Google pixel C in the hands on

Noble design, crisp display

Google’s new Tablet pixel C is roughly as big as an A4 sheet, approximately 7.5 mm thin, but with 514 grams something heavy fall. The aluminum back cover gives the tablet a noble impression, processing, there is nothing wrong. Switched four strips in the Google colors Blue, red, yellow and green light on the back. The display on the front panel has an unusual size with a screen diagonal of 10.2 inches (25,91 centimeters). It displays photos, videos, and games on demand very bright (570,6 candela per square meter) and super sharp with 2560 x 1800 pixels. No wonder: The pixel density is very high 308 pixels per inch (ppi).

Google pixel C: details in the overview

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Processor with four cores

Total spread so whopping 4.608.000 pixel in the 10.2-inch display. Therefore a strong unit is required for the playback of movies and games, otherwise it will be annoying used. Enough power to ensure NVIDIA’s top chip Tegra X 1. However a castrated model. Because instead of two groups with four cores (4xarm A57 plus 4xarm A53), working with the British company ARM developed saving big / little, it has Google pixel C model used only four central processing units of the type ARM A57.

Much memory

The Tegra X 1 sits on a dragon named Google – Board (soc system-on-a-chip). There also NVIDIA’s graphics chip is housed. He works with the Maxwell of PC video cards well known technology and has 256 processing units. Class: Extremely generous with 3 gigabytes of memory. Prima: The pixel C completed all tests with a very high pace in the test and did not get even then in the stuttering, if parallel open there were many apps and websites and also downloads and synchronization were active. And the operation nothing works here thanks to Android 6 supple hakelt, long loading times are owed only a bad Internet connection, but not the tablet. Also class: the long battery life. In the test passed with heavy use whopping 13 hours before the screen remained black.

The best tablets

Leaderboard: tablet computer

Memory not expandable

So where are the shortcomings? Like in the ipad air 2, pixel C of the memory is not expandable also Google. The offered variants are also with 32 gigabytes (500 euro) and 64 gigabytes (600 euro) more likely mau fitted. Unintelligible: The pixel C has a USB-C connection for exchanging data and for the charging of the battery. The enclosed charging cable is connected to the power supply but firmly. Charge the battery via the USB port on the PC is as just as little possible as the synchronization of data with the computer via a cable. One such expensive tablet is an indictment. Also bad: Google offers an LTE version of pixel C not to.

Optional keyboard

Google offers an optional keyboard that with rich for the pixel C beats 170 euros. Texts could therefore comfortably type in the test. The rear aluminum cover makes the keyboard not only very difficult (just 400 grams), but also stable. Class: The keyboard battery can be wirelessly via induction with the Tablet charge.
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