Google Maps: Update Provides Route Forecast

Google’s goal is to remove as much work to the users and to provide information already, before this has even asked. The Internet Group with Google now that the user informed, for example, depending on the site about how long he needs the car to work or home made the first step. However, the system provides even more: with the 9.19 of the Google Maps app version, the company according to android police now introduces the so-called driving mode. These are a kind of prediction, on the basis of the previous route and the Web search of user attempting to determine the current target.

Google maps times different from quirky and informative

So you’ve never seen maps

Ease of use

Currently, users must manually enable the new driving mode in the Google Maps app. This is done in the navigation settings of the application, allowing the user put even a new icon on the homescreen must be. Identical media reports said that doesn’t work but still all users easily, so a little patience is needed. The procedure is done and started the driving mode about the new icon on the home screen, determines the route to the probable destination without input automatically Google maps. The trick here: The system displays always important information about the route the user while driving. For example, a jam that is formed on the range predicted by the app informs the driver immediately in the application and changes the route if necessary.

As you travel through the universe with Google maps

Further changes

Google revised in the new version also the placement of the speaker symbol about the voice of navigation deactivates can be: the function again and again moved their position in recent years last it disappeared even in a menu. Now, it is directly accessible via a small speaker that is located between the search – and -compass symbols. In addition, Google revised the timeline introduced in July 2015, in which users may view their movement history: now it is to determine what data the app displays and records.

Gradual distribution

Google distributes the update to version 9.19 currently gradually through the play store so that it will arrive in the next few days on all Android devices should
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