Google Bought Green Throttle Games, a Company That Launched a Gamepad for Android

At the end of the 2012 Green Throttle Games company launched a gamepad to play with our Android devices as on a console, but the gamepad Green Throttle Atlas It was not very successful due to the fact that games would have to adapt to that command. In September of last year turned to the Green Throttle Atlas into a gamepad HIB and in November left to support, by removing the application Arena that housed the compatible games.
PandoDaily has brought to light that Google became very silently with much of Green Throttle Games, surely to reinforce the rumored set-top box currently known Nexus TV expected that it goes on sale this year.
Google hired in November of last year to much of the equipment of Green Throttle Games, including two of its three founders, Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend, former Palm. The third founder, Charles Huang of Guitar Hero, did not want to be part of the Google team and stayed with the rights of the business of Green Throttle Games, which is still for sale for sale but that it no longer offers anything to not offer any HIB gamepad. It seems Google “bought” only Green Throttle Games team, leaving the company to Charles Huang, whose brand and gamepad does not have very good opinions by their purchasers by numerous failures will be uncorrected.
After recruiting much of Green Throttle Games it seems that Google wants to remove a gamepad, whether to convert your set-top box based on a video game console, or to launch an official gamepad for Android.