Google ATAP: Project Tango, a Mobile Android with 3D-Style Sensors Kinect

Google ATAP, What was Motorola ATAP (Group of advanced technology and projects) presents in society Project Tango, a project in which you want to add a as Kinect 3D sensor on mobile devices so they can scan the space in which they are.
The objective of Project Tango It is to make even smarter smartphones and have knowledge of space and movement as human beings, have it so they know what they are seeing from their two cameras.
Google ATAP It will offer developers 200 prototypes with their development kits so they can already create applications that squeeze the most this new 3D sensor that there will be a new world of possibilities. The current prototype is little known, has a 5 inch screen, only takes Android and leading hardware and software needed for the 3D scanning space.
One of the possible functions of this sensor 3D with the help of other sensors as the gyroscope is to easily measure the dimensions of our home, a robot with hooked Mobile knows to recognize a House and objects to move freely without stumbling, play new types of games, or help disabled people with Visual problems to move with the help of this device.
On the official website of Project Tango is open the form to sign up as a developer to receive one of those first 200 development kits. Google hopes to send those kits before March 14. If the project produces good results will surely see it in the next Nexus.
In Project Tango not only involved Google, also count with the collaboration of important partners, with what this project will surely succeed in a few months.