Good News for HTC, Incomes Grow While Waiting for The Effect Back Pixel

In recent times, when we talk about HTC does not usually speak of a very promising future. Mark that will always have the honour of having introduced the first smartphone with Android and that both helped popularize Google’s operating system does not pass through its better moments, with sales that month-to-month have gone down. Until September.
While there was no big news for part of the Taiwanese, beyond the 10 Lifestyle HTC and 10 Pro presented late and that still does not have affected the earnings data in September, HTC accounts have improved more than. Since April of 2015 revenues had declined continuously compared with the same month of last year, but in September they rose 31%.
HTC revenues had remained steady in recent months, around 180 million euros, although after they were hiding setbacks regarding the data of a year ago. Things not painted anything good for the brand, There was no indication that the situation might improve, but then come the September data. 31.35% rise with respect to the September 2015 opens the door to hope.
HTC monthly income
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In addition, we must take into account that the rise is not commonplace in September. On August, data revenues have risen a 41,84%, while from August to September of 2015 that percentage remained only 3.12%. Even the 265 million euros entered is the second largest figure of last year, only surpassed by 287 million euros in November.
And accounts of October may confirm the trend. No longer by September releases, if not for the Google Pixel manufactured HTC. We do not know if these smartphones sales must be entered directly from manufacturer, but some accounts way have so much revenue for the brand. Comeback or a mirage? We will check it soon.