Go to Bike: Vintage Bicycles!

“Pedaling, pedaling on a cracker.”
Who does not remember of your first skinny? Ohhh Miss childhood … decades of 80 and 90 (without revealing the age huh guys! kkkkkk)–cycling has been one of the favourite games of children and one of the most leisure activities practiced by adults. For a while the bikes were down, the children preferred the computers and the sedentary adults. But, a few years here, the concern for health, with urban mobility and environmental protection made them return to the scene. Today we again see several families pedaling, people using the bike as means of transport, children walking in the parks and squares. The coolest thing is that, in spite of the bikes being modernized, the model that has been doing more success among fashionistas and famous is the vintage. It is very common to see in major urban centres and, mainly, in first world countries, women and men fully produced riding my bike. The famous skinny is no longer just a walking companion and became an accessory, or more than that: an extension of visual production.

Go to Bike Vintage Bicycles
In Brazil yet we don’t see often people use the retro models to walk, it is more common to find the sports models in the streets. But the vintage bikes are much more charming, so they are: they have leading scorers, croup, strong colors, each follows the style of your owner. You get excited and adopt the leisure cycling, cycling is good for the muscular system via Transporthint.com, cardiovascular and articulate. Because it is a low-impact activity, is ideal to be practiced so much for children as for adults. In addition to all these advantages, pedal still burn fat and improve fitness. It is no coincidence that has become increasingly common to see people in major cities exchanging cars by two wheels, either for a short walk or as a means of locomotion in everyday life and in this rescue came the sets of vintagebikes, imported from Europe. There, they are a fever … and here we are already in love!
Booora pedal galera!
Zoom in on the details.
Ladies stylish whole streets of Europe cycling! Will this sets caught up in here?
The palpiteira Rachel Aguilar could not resist and already purchased a vintagebike … see that charm.