Glitter, Glitter Glanzchen: Rhinestones Are the Icing on the Cake

I think it’s a “girl” or better to say “women’s phenomenon” that they go off on everything that glitters. Even in its earliest childhood, this passion begins for sparkling stones and glittering jewelery, and usually holds it up to the age. No wonder the jewelry industry is simply because everyone knows how it works and the more it glitters and glimmers, the higher the have-wool factor in the female sex. And what works with jewelry, of course, works wonderfully at watches. I’ve looked at the latest news with us in the shop and it sparkles and sparkles really huge. And there was also this desire aroused once again to buy the one or the other time knife, but the selection is so big that a decision is really difficult right now. But maybe it’s easier for me to write about the different models and to get a closer look at them.
Esprit is definitely always a good choice when it comes to glitter and glamor. The Houston model series is a true classic and the latest models leave nothing to be desired. Glam is here the addition, which gives the clock quasi her face, because glitter stones are simply glam pure. This model is available with white or rosé stones. Golden and equally sparkling is the Maia Rose from esprit collection, just in the summer to lightly tanned skin which looks definitely super at the wrist.
Michael Kors is also a well-known representative of his guild and also the watch collections convince through style security and zeitgeist. The Madison Silver Tone ladies watch is a testament to this and a stylish companion for the summer. Festina yes more generally for sporty clocks and its Tourchronographs well-known, mixed also with the modem market and came out among other things a beautiful clock called Dream, which has inspired us by its magical blue equally. If it is not so blue, there is also the same model in a delicate purple.Marc by Marc Jacobs is also one of the favorite brands, because the American Modedesigner meets with his designs always the pulse of the time and the clocks are in no way inferior. Especially the brand new model Henry ensures increased attention and therefore I did not want to deprive you of it.