Glasses for Every Face

Glasses For Each Face Shape

The only accessory that graces our face, directly, are the sunglasses they should be in harmony with our traits, enhancing the visual. There are many types of models, but not always the most beautiful is suitable for our face. See which are the most suitable for each face shape:
Triangular–this format whose forehead is wide and the Chin pretty tune. The point of balance must be given by a pair of glasses that fill the center of the face, making it harmonious. Avoid glasses that stand apart from the sides of your face, it just points out the triangular format.
Oval-this is the format easier to find the perfect glasses. This face is harmonic and has the forehead and Chin in harmony, i.e. or two are tuned. The models can vary widely, since most of them will look good on your face. Abuse of glasses in format arredondo.
Square-this is format whose strokes are more stringent, the forehead and Chin are wide, besides jaw be more prominent. Prefer the straight, square glasses models with the bottom of the frame more rounded. If you have the nose topping, a good option for you can be a Ray Ban Aviator.
Round–this face shape is the one whose ways are not well defined. The face has the Chin and forehead in the same proportions, height and width the same. The ideal here is to balance, refine and lengthen the strokes with the perfect glasses.Prefer the square or rectangular models. The darker colors and even the gradient style lenses tend to enhance the visual.