Glacier glasses (13)

Up into the heights with the glacier glasses

The higher it goes, the sunlight is more intense and therefore aggressive. Since a “normal” sunglasses UV protection is not sufficient. Glacier glasses you need! Glacier glasses are heavily tinted sports glasses that protect eyes from glaring light and harmful UV rays. Whether for climbing in the Alpine area, at high speed or on the glacier – an appropriate sun protection is essential in mountain sports.

What distinguishes glacier goggles?

As I said, a glacier glasses is a heavily tinted glasses. Such glasses for sports use, rather their glasses, can be divided into so-called filter classes. This categorization simply describes the translucency of the lenses. The filter classes range from 0 to 4, where the latter is the strongest tone. Our glacier goggles fall into this last filter class 4. This makes them suitable for use in high mountains to 100%. The strong level of tint, glacier glasses not for road use are suitable. The pure light shield however is not enough yet. High-quality brand glasses offer Additionally a complete UV protection. So are the eyes in intense sunlight in the best hands.

Additional functions and the frame

In terms of spectacle lenses, there is even more to make sure is that. As glass material, a high-quality, break-resistant and scratch-resistant plastic is used for glacier goggles in General. For one, this has the advantage that it is lighter than glass. On the other hand, it carries a lower risk of injury because it can not fly. If it comes up to “Break” or just a quick change into another filter category is desired, there’s models can be used in the Exchange glasses.
, The individual functions of the glasses are another important point. In the high alpine area, the Sun is reflected unhindered by ice and snow. Polarized eyewear lenses eliminate these disturbing reflections (E.g. Julbo Chameleon). Glasses with anti tarnish preventive (E.g. Julbo Zebra) provide – as the name States a fitting view for free. In addition, there are still photochromic lenses. Which are self-ringing and adapt in light-changing seconds.
To the frame is to say that it should be easy and must be comfortable. A page protection prevents that the sunlight over the “side door” on the eye can penetrate. Non-slip hanger provide firm hold, even at intensive movements. With a high-quality snow goggles, Julbo, Uvex, or another brand manufacturers, the look can wander untarnished over the alpine world!