Gas Lights Camping Equipment

Gas lamps – let there be light!

Gas lamps have a high luminosity. They are ideal for the cooking place in outdoor adequately illuminated or a large round of card-playing Ourdoorfreunde light to donate.
Modern gas lamps have a good light output and burn some more than 30 hours with only a gas filling. A comprehensive selection of high-quality gas lamps from manufacturers such as Primus, Edelrid, or snow peak is found in our assortment.

A question of light

Even if nowadays lamps and head torches continues replace the gas lamps LED these have their raison d ‘ ĂȘtre. For example, large areas in the camp should be illuminated LED lamps soon reach their limits. The luminous intensity is finely adjusted and often more pleasant, the light is perceived as the Flash LED light. In conjunction with the beautiful, quiet noise of the gas lamp, a wonderful camp atmosphere is conjured up in this way.

To the stand and hang

All gas lamps can be arbitrarily placed using on hanging chain or similar devices. Due to a high position of the lamp, large areas can be illuminated and mosquitoes are cleverly distracted.

Available gas cartridge

For sufficient fuel should be always so but even the lights go out one. In our assortment you can find suitable screws cartridges for every need and in many sizes.

Always a spare mantle there have

Thanks to the low weight of modern lamps can be stowed them well into the luggage. Despite transport box and bumper protection, but also the best lamp can use even a little care. The mantle is most commonly affected. It is advisable therefore to carry always a replacement.

Piezo ignition for easy ignition of the gas lamp

Many models are equipped with a piezo ignition and leave themselves so easily ignite. Simply turn on gas, ignite, finished. In addition, a piezo ignition reduces the risk to damage the mantle.

The Gaslamp for real camp romance

First came the LED, then the good old light bulb disappeared. Really nice light has since then become a real rarity in the evening. Often is it ignite a campfire without another possible and candle light barely sufficient.
A silent gas lamp provides a unique atmosphere at the tents in the open and many proponents of modern lighting systems in pure amazement.