Gardening and Designing: Into the Garden!

Guerilla Gardening, Yuppies in the Gardening and Multi-Culti Gardens: The desire for the green, for the life in the countryside, is greater with many than ever. With our top 5 of green reading from , you can give in to this longing and fulfill your wish of the Garden of Eden.
Helga Urban And Thomas Hagen: “The Garden Book For Beginners”
Absolutely no idea, but full of passion and desire for a beautiful garden? With the garden book from aceinland for beginners of Helga Urban and Thomas Hagen, this is no problem for new gardeners. The author’s team shows how they can be done in easy-to-follow, systematically prepared instructions, quickly and vividly illustrated and wonderfully illustrated. At the beginning is the planning: divide the space and create space and space. Design examples and vivid garden plans facilitate individual implementation. They help to create paths, seating areas and resting areas, as well as the design of beds and discounts. That plant selection and-dance is a creative, joyful pastime, ground preparation, onion and summer flowers sowing fun, prove the many picture series in the practice chapter.
Wolf-Dieter Storl: “The Self-Employed”
The practice book on self-cultivation: Many dream of becoming self-sufficient and nurturing what grows in their own garden or can be gathered in the wild. The well-known ethnobotanist Wolf-Dieter Storl has lived this dream for decades. In his equally exciting and highly informative book he tells his own self-career story and gives a lot of well-founded information, tips and instructions for the self-cultivation of vegetables, the wild collection of herbs, for natural pest control, the production of high-quality compost and much more. It is based on sustainability, close to nature and holistic. A full-bodied treasure of professional and secret tips for beginners and advanced.
Bärbel Grothe: “designing nature gardens”
A colorful flower meadow, a fragrant herbal path or a dense flowery hedge from wild roses and sloe – natural gardens are the natural vegetation. The guide “Nature gardens” reveals how you can realize this wild charm also in your garden: Use, for example, native plants, which are typical for the location, rather than nurturing exotic ones. In greenery green is allowed in crevices and joints. The varied vegetation attracts animals and offers them shelter. Design structural elements mainly from natural materials such as wood and natural stone. Concrete bedding proposals with plant plan and plant list provide ideas for different locations and invite you to imitate. The portrait section presents over 120 native and suitable “distant”
Günther Sator: “Feng Shui for every garden”
Those who gardened according to the rules of the millennial ancient doctrine of Feng Shui, a refuge can create itself in which he can draw strength and harmony in our stressed and stressful world. Feng Shui was born out of close contact with nature. The aim is to promote the good energies in our environment and to compensate for unfavorable influences. This is not about creating an Asian-style garden. If you understand the principles of Feng Shui, you can easily transfer them to our western gardens. The book helps both to create a new garden and to redesign an existing one. The author places special emphasis on balancing problematic garden situations. Through his holistic approach, he shows how harmony and balance can be restored.
Lorraine Harrison: “Reading Gardens”
Or garden? Cottage Garden or Japanese Garden? Herb garden or vegetable garden? For centuries, garden architects and gardeners passionately laid gardens for various purposes, thereby creating green worlds which, with their image and formative language, make up all the wealth of gardening. Using carefully selected photos and illustrations, this richly illustrated book explains the various garden types and the various features and elements of the garden architecture in a clear and understandable way. “Gardens read” accompanies interested and nature friends on a tour of the gardens of the world and gives inspiration for the design of their own garden. And for more green in life.