Galaxy S7 Without Protruding Camera? Samsung Introduces Thinner Sensor

Be used with a thinner camera sensor in the Galaxy S7? Samsung has unveiled a new chip, which aims to ensure a high resolution of camera in very shallow mobile devices. It is a further development of the in-house ISOCELL sensors, a resolution of 16 MP to achieve.
The new camera sensor, S5K3P3 should be 20 percent thinner baptized, according to Samsung tomorrow than, for example, the edge in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy used chip, which leads to a protruding camera on the back of the Smartphone. While the image quality should not suffer but – and the camera lens could end expected to flush in the Galaxy S7 with the housing.
Galaxy S7 Without Protruding Camera Samsung Introduces Thinner Sensor
Smaller Pixels, Smaller Sensor
The new sensor is to be only 5 mm high; in this way, designers of mobile devices would have more freedom to design without that individual components of the camera from your Smartphone or Tablet stand out.
This is made possible by the reduction of the size of the pixel: this is still 1.12 square micrometer, the sensor of the Galaxy-S6 camera is great – a pixel in the new sensor just 1 square micrometer the so far smallest pixel size for sensors used in mobile devices. With the 2014 introduced ISOCELL technology, it had been possible to reduce the color overlays between individual pixels by 30 percent, to compensate for negative effects at the scattering of light due to shrinking pixel sizes.
Since Samsung has just unveiled the sensor, is it is unlikely that he already plus installed rated 5 or Galaxy S6 edge in the Galaxy, who are allegedly revealed on August 13. The usage in the Galaxy S7 is, however, quite possible, after all, mass production has already begun, as Samsung announced.