Protection with rapid Downhilltouren – the Fullfacehelm

of the Fullfacehelm – the best friend of Downhillers

is wearing a Fullfacehelms at downhill mountain biking, so of course, like the safety belt in the car. And that’s a good thing. Who ever was in a bike park, knows why. Slippery roots, loosely covered stones, massive brakes grooves and demanding North Shore elements require the permanent concentration of mountain bikers with a mostly unavoidable consequence of failure: the fall. That which causes no injury to the head, the Fullfacehelm, also full face helmet is ensured by called. Thanks to its design, it protects not only the skull, but also the face game in contrast to traditional mountain bike helmets. In addition to the Downhillmountainbiken, the Fullfacehelm for other applications can be used. So many free riders on the complete protection for the head, for example, by Bell swear.
A Fullfacehelm is also often referred to as downhill helmet

protection with the Fullfacehelm

a Fullfacehelm provides protection for the complete head on daring descents, is guaranteed by the shock absorption tests, each helmet must be overcome for his approval on the market. But there are other aspects of an integral helmet that significantly influence its functionality. One includes the field of vision of the bicycle helmet that allows a rapid response to the environment. A full face helmet with a Goggle is worn to protect against dust dispersed on, pebbles and co. The sight of the mountain bike helmet offers protection against low-hanging branches and undergrowth.

, Wiggles and are air – what look for when buying an Fullfacehelms?

As with any kind of accessories, even a Fullfacehelm can only reliably fulfil its function if the right product is selected. The shape and size of the helmet is critical first and foremost. A helmet too loose Chairman threatens to slip into the field of vision or a crash is not sufficient to dampen. A plus offer therefore Fullfacehelme, which are supplied in a wide size range and with high-quality insole pads for customization. The outer shell of the helmet significantly determines its weight and going beyond the standard shock absorption. It consists of carbon, for example, from composite or luxury variants such as by POC. Qualitative differences in the chin strap, which opens more or less easily depending on the design and different crash resistant. Ventilation holes determine much in the outer and inner shell comfort of an integral helmet. A large enough field of view completes the program of the perfect Fullfacehelms.