From Father to Son, Trends that Cross Generations

Certain pieces of clothing were consolidated and can’t be absent in the male wardrobe.


The Polo shirt has always been an icon of elegance. You do the look with jeans put a Polo and is dressed. The difference is that today we have different moulds, prints and colors. All this to modernize a classic men’s clothing that never goes out of style. In 1980 were in high colors in softer tones of violet, yellow, baby blue and green water. Today these colors are coming back, and beyond them, stronger shades, stamped, embroidered, models for all tastes.


You can check on the streets, the sweater increasingly is in the taste, reported by INVESTTOPS. No doubt it’s a Joker in the closet. Can enrich a whole visual easily and quickly. In addition, many combinations can create a sleek and sophisticated style, casual and cool. The sweater until a few decades was made of heavier fabrics. Came to evolve and has had a make over. Today’s models are lighter, Slim Fit cuts, of varied colors, with details, embroidery and geometric designs.


The shirts we know nowadays pass away than they were years ago. Since the men were not linked to fashion and style, virtually were used to cover the body. At the time of the monarchy, there were only white shirts and were used only by the nobility. The collar was tall and without kinks. Some contained details such as handles and Lacy collars. And since then had several changes and influences. Currently the shirts are aligned to each man’s profile, in cuts or slim, confort with numbering of collars, textures and colors. Without exception, all of us have at least one shirt. Is for style, occupation, preference, for more formal occasions or even not to say that there is none. We can say that the shirt has become an essential element in everyday life and style of men.


Since your inception in 1853 by Levi Strauss, until nowadays, the jeans reinvented himself. There are several models that earn new forms and styles. Being a basic piece of continuous use, the jeans, from generation to generation, managed to spread and Captivate people, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. Without losing your feature, became the most used on the planet. Increasingly vain, male audiences also want to reveal your good physical shape wearing a super jeans. And don’t stay aside, especially when it comes to aligning the youngest and cuts well delineated. With technology coupled with the creation of sets, today there are different models to suit and meet the curves of each biotype. As the jeans never left and never go out of fashion, bet on it! It is essential to at least a basic model and neutral in the closet. Combined with blazers, shirts, t-shirts and accessories, Poles, the man will always be dressed in lavishing style, and at any time.