Found at the Thrift Store

Hellooooo friends… you’re enjoying our guesses? We are increasingly excited and with gas to chase news and cool tips for you! Then attention girls who love the “achadinhos” of life…today we have moreh a palpiteco fashion and this time came from the bottom of the trunk! Hahahahaha! Who always travel abroad know how is super common shopping at thrift stores. We looooove it! There we found several vintage pieces, mega trends, clothes that we could never imagine that one day I would come back! And guess what? We found a vintage thrift store here in Campo Grande (MS), with cool suuuper parts… okay that there are several thrift stores around the city… but this we love and we had the party at the store!
During our visit to Doka Vintage Thrift Store launched the panning challenge several looks. Look, it wasn’t easy, it is possible to mount many cool productions, but we try to diversify the options, from a look to party until a more casual. In the thrift store you can find several pieces of clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories are parts used, second hand, but with excellent quality, many even brand new, and has for all tastes, styles and ages. It is entirely possible to walk out of there with the bag full and best of all: paying cheap toooo many! WE LOVE!!!