For Consultants, Analog Clock is Still Indispensable to Man

In terms of style, smart watches won’t replace traditional of pointers. “Man is seen by the shoes and the clock, and the analog passes an image much better”, says Alexandre Taleb, image consultant
The Apple presentation – used to turn everything that creates in trend-last month revealed that the giant Apple is determined to surf in a technological wave which has been brewing for some time, the smart watches, or just “smartwatches”.

The Apple Watch is the latest in a series of smart watches that are or will soon be on the market. They all offer interactivity, touchscreens, voice command, among other devices, but none presented a very attractive design for those who always used analog watches with its traditional pointers.
In an article for American GQ , journalist Steven Leckart questions what is the sentimental value of an accessory “so replaceable,” citing three watches, one that was inherited and two that you were given as a gift for groomsmen, wedding examples to the contrary. The title of the article could not be clearer:”Sorry, Apple Watch. Men Need An Analog Timepiece More Than Ever”, or”I’m sorry, Apple Watch. Men need, more than ever, an analog clock”.
Alexander Taleb sign underneath. “My audience is composed of men of 40 to 60 years, married and with children, and within that profile, always speak to buy an analog clock, is much more beautiful. The man is seen by the shoes and the clock, and the analog passes a much better image, “says image consultant.
“Yes, it is indispensable, and I don’t think it’s going to fall into disuse. No man goes to a social event or a business meeting, where the picture tells many points, with this smartwatch clock. I think he will still opt for the traditional watch”, reinforces Bia Kawasaki, fashion consultant. She opens a lease if your client is in a position that requires all functions offered by the device: “There I point out at the outset”.
Here are some smartwatch clock models that have already been released:
The importance of having an analog clock accessory does not prevent, however, the consumer to test a smartwatch clock. For Taleb, although the small wrist computer is not very suitable for formal occasions, the same cannot be said of situations less sisudas.
“I’m going to indicate for leisure hours, hours in which they are not working, over the weekend, at the movies, at the gym, playing sports. In places like that, it’s all right. To use straight, I would argue more for the younger crowd, “advises Taleb, who only has analog at home, but that does not rule out acquiring a smart watch as the Frenchwoman Withings (see Photo Gallery). “I’d buy for sure because it doesn’t look like a [smartwatch clock],” says the consultant.
The Withings is not only investing in a “hybrid” model. Last month, the Chief of the Division of LVMH watches, Jean-Claude Biver, revealed that the Tag Heuer is planning to launch a smartwatch clock, but you don’t want to just follow the footsteps of Tim Cook and company.
In an interview with iG in November 2013, François Nunez, Creative Director of Victorinox, cited the involvement of Apple as a bellwether for the market. He said not a fan of the models so far released, but did not leave aside the possibility of working with a smartwatch clock: “remember saying that I wasn’t going to get on the web on the phone, but then Apple made it very convenient and Nice. I’m not saying we’re going to [do] because it’s too early, if we do, it will be with a quality which we don’t have yet.”
Leckart, already author of the article which gave a nice rebound, is determined to present the child with a “true clock” when he’s graduating from College, getting married or complete 18 years. But if you prefer “first generation vintage Apple Watch in 2034”, as its Leckart puts it, he knows what to do. “If this is the case, I will respect your decision. I’m going to do with your fist do not stop beeping with followed e-mails telling him:’man, I respect your decision.”