Foldable Windbreaker Jacket

Fahrradwesten, a lighter and more comfortable weather protection

The tour is in full swing and the rough wind blows as much as he can. It’s often turbulent on mountain bikes or road bikes. It requires clothing that can provide full freedom of movement effective weather protection. Fahrradwesten are easy, and not limit in the movement an and really powerful. In addition to protective helmets, bike gloves and comfortable cycling shorts, part Radwesten for complete bike equipment!

What must make Fahrradwesten?

Always, if it’s too bland for warm jackets, comes the cycling vest in the game! A good cycling vest must know some important things. Finally, the bike wants to experience fan on the road no nasty surprise!
The most important: the weather protection. Bike West are protected from wind and moisture and keep bike fans with light showers dry. Some models are also completely windproof. So icy air, bounces off similar to mercilessly as windbreakers or Windwesten. Because even a strenuous bike ride brings the effect off biker sweat, breathing activity is also an important factor. And that dominate high-quality Fahrradwesten with links! That guarantees a pleasant and dry climate of carrying even in exhausting stages.

To Pack compact and good to see

In terms of size, Fahrradwesten are obvious on the winning side. They are perfectly packed (some models come with bag) and can be reduced to a minimal level. So you find a free spot even into the last crack of Saddle bag. In low light, good visibility is an essential safety factor. This reflective elements provide a better location at night or fog. For those who like to appear in the dark in the pedals, there are copies that are held for this purpose in signal colours. Security going on!
Windabweisend, water resistant, lightweight and breathable, bike-West have a lot on the grooved wood! No matter for which vest the biker decides, the well-known manufacturers such as ENDURA, Löffler, Mavic, Pearl Izumi, Maloja can convince by their quality and functionality. There is the West for cycling for gentlemen, ladies but also for bike level. Who covers for the next tour with new motorbike clothing, can remember before Fahrradwesten. It’s worth!