Foam Climbing Helmet

Optimal protection with a stable foam helmet

There is hardly anything better than an extended climb. But should you also always on the dangers and risks of climbing with them has. Whether stone impact or shocks, foam helmets always offer a high level of security and protect the head from injury

What constitutes good foam helmets and what are their advantages?

Foam helmets similar to a bicycle helmet in the building and are specially adapted to the specific requirements of sport climbing. The shell of a foam helmet is usually made of polystyrene foam and is covered with a plastic protective layer. Foam helmets are extremely lightweight and convince by their great wearing comfort.
Due to its low weight, you almost didn’t feel the foam helmet when climbing. It comes to the impact or fall, similar to deform the foam helmet like the crumple zone on a car and absorbs the forces acting. Anyone who pays attention when you’re climbing on optimal protection and comfort, is always well advised with a foam helmet.