Fleecehosen (35)

Good Fleecehosen braving sub-zero temperatures

Good fleece, consisting of fleece, fleece or fleece, is essential for all friends of winter and those who reside in cold temperatures outside in nature and in the mountains. No matter, whether for winter hiking, skiing and snowboarding, mountaineering, mountaineering or expedition in very cold areas – a good, Lightweight fleece is definitely in the luggage and as additional insulation layer on the legs. The minus degrees can then finally come with the matching fleece for men and women.

Fleece – are the stuff of the warm dreams

Fleece is indispensable in the today’s modern functional materials. The fleece fabric that is made from polyester fibers, has several useful properties in the outdoor and mountain sports: Fleecehosen, fleece jackets and fleeces absorb little moisture, and if you do, then the polyester fibers dry extremely quickly. The fluffy soft feel of a fleece on the skin provides the necessary heat insulation in cold conditions. Fleecehosen thereby protecting the body from cooling down. Also, the fleece fabric a lot Natron and in addition pflegeleichter is easier than conventional wool or a thick cotton fabric.

Range of Fleecehosen

fleece clothing such as Fleecehosen, fleece jackets and fleeces find their range mainly for all outdoor sports, and in combination with cold temperatures. A fleece carried but even then, it is not movement. For example, on those cold nights in the tent, while staying in a high-altitude mountain hut, at the bivouac or an alpine hut in the winter. The principle of onion, Fleecehosen generally as a second location or third layer of clothing be worn. And it should be once too hot, can be set to turn perfectly by pulling out individual layers on any climate.