Fixed Rope Climbing Technique

With a climbing rope route Guide, everyone will find the right tour!

The via ferratas in the Alps attract new fans year after year and the fascination of sport is undiminished. No wonder where it comes but with relatively little equipment good through heavy terrain. A climbing rope route Guide, a via ferrata set, a harness and a helmet, of course, and it is the most important. The climbing rope route guide is one of the safety-relevant equipment in safe, one learns from him in which climbing one at all should venture into.

What information mri provides a climbing rope route guide?

A good climbing climbing guide is a mix of classic hiking guides and climbing guide. He tours proposes a specific area and gives an insight into technical difficulty, length and claim of the via ferrata. Some climbing climbing guides offer also a scale which particularly rewarding climbing turns out.
Providing all climbing climbing guide in any case, is an assessment of the difficulty. This is in letters from A (easy climbing) to E (extremely sporty and difficult tours) specified. You know his level of experience, so the best way out of the climbing rope route guide can be on this scale quickly find out.
Zusätlzlich almost all climbing trail guide contain a map to the arrival and the way route that leads to the via ferrata selection of. This includes information about Alpine Club huts or other accommodations in the region. So can be able to plan the tour itself with a well researched climbing rope route Guide at home well.

For which regions there are climbing climbing guides?

There is an own climbing rope route Guide for almost every region of the Alps. Who is better every year in a different location, will be better served with a selection guide for a larger area. So, there’s climbing climbing guide, leading every small climbing for a small area of the Dolomites and others containing the most popular climbing routes throughout Italy.
Of course, there are also several via ferratas in the central uplands, but often only in selection guides or in the respective climbing guides included. Equipped with the right climbing climbing guide the planning of the next exciting tour can be approached immediately.