Fitness Schema Massa 7 Dagen

Fitness is often done to look better. Many people want to have a toned body and the familiar six-pack high demand. Also, to the pectoral muscles and biceps muscle groups that they want to show. With a schedule of mass, it is possible to build muscle mass.

Warming up

It is advisable to do a warm-up so that the muscles used in an exercise is already hot. For each exercise, it is recommended to do two sets of low weight and many repetitions. For example, two sets of 20 repetitions.

Exercises for Mass

This schedule for mass is a split plan consists of four parts. Each piece will be performed once a week. Each training day will be separate muscle groups are trained to enable them to be loaded. In this graph, in contrast to a schedule strength, relatively large isolation exercises to maximize each muscle group. The distribution is weekly as follows:

  • Monday: chest and biceps
  • Tuesday: legs
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Torsdag: back
  • Friday: shoulders and triceps
  • Saturday: calm
  • Sunday: rest

This fitness system is a combination of compound exercises and isolation exercises. In a special schedule compound exercises used for strength as used in this chart as a basis, and these are supplemented with isolation exercises. The exercises in this fitness regimen:

Reps, Rest And Intensity

To train for the mass must be trained with a reasonably high intensity and thus with a reasonable number of repetitions. The muscles thus charged up over a long period of time. As a result, the density of the new muscle less and recovered faster to ground. The optimal number of repetitions in a workout for mass 10 to 12. This is a system for each exercise done three sets of 12 repetitions. This is without the sets of heating. Between sets, there is little rest. Because of the number of repetition is the weight used was approximately 75% of the weight with which one repetition maximum can be made.

Muscle Groups

Through this exercise different muscle groups separately. On Monday, the chest and biceps trained. On Tuesday, the quadriceps and calves are trained. Moreover, the gluteal muscles are addressed.
After the rest day training on Thursday, shoulder muscles and triceps. On the last day back to train. This consists of the upper back muscles and the lower back.
At each training abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis are formed.


To gain mass should be eaten more calories than the calorie consumption. Important here is marcro?? s (proteins, carbohydrates and fats). It is important that these building materials are sufficient in the diet. If you get care exercises and the number of repetitions to muscle is built above the calories and eat the right nutrients.