Fishing for Mullet, Which Is a Flow-loving Fish

The fighting strength of the barbel (Barbus barbus) is incredible, but the fish to track is no easy task. The stands and biting times…
Fish are dependent on the seasons, weather conditions and water levels. On the Weirs of the rivers at medium water level or running water, you can catch mullets well on the day. In dry periods in the summer the combative fish bite rather only from about 8: 00 in the night.

To marry unknown rivers, you must explore first places, where river water could occur. These are E.g. Weir pools, shallow and fast flowing river sections. It has opted for fishing, you can feed on that with a mixture of hemp and corn, especially with hemp babe eat the stomachs like fully.Then some treat of the hook bait is the lining carpet behind thrown (Nightcrawlers, lunch meats or cheese, also strips of pancake). Is a good time for the feeding of barbs about noon and fished is then only towards evening. The barbs often come in the evening time really in the mood for eating.
Angel installation for water in the river
Mullet can be obtained with a simple page lead Assembly on the hook. Heavy leads are used depending on the flow thickness between 10 to 22 g. Because the hook directly to the main cord is knotted, the lead must be held by a stopper on distance (approx. 50 cm). Long Quiverruten between 3.30 up to 3.60 with a test curve of 1 ¼ lb are ideal for barbel fishing, headed, you can tie a bend light in the darkness. After the insertion of the bait the rod at an angle of about 120 degrees to the course of the line on two rod holders is stored. So even subtle bites of the barbs are clearly visible. Because barbs are wild fighters, you can look forward only about such a fish, if he fidgets in the network of the undertaking remove.