Fishing for Carp in Shallow Water

The shallow waterfishing for carp is an exciting fishery. Ponds that are no deeper than one meter in question, or lower pay…
Lakes and rivers with pronounced shallow water zones. Many carp are in very shallow zones often on forage, which are disapproved of by many anglers practically then. In the spring, the water is heated faster in the shallow water zones, where the starving carp first gründeln for food.

You chose appropriate fishing of carp fishing, where are carps, passing for feeding. Proven have become especially hard corn and boilies, which is served in small quantities. Feeding three times and that each is a strategy in two days. On the seventh day, the CARP fishing can begin.
Night fishing carp
In shallow water the carp at dusk are particularly shy and you must make any noise. No big moves on the Bank, the bait must be carried as silently as possible into the water. Often, to catch the largest shallow water fish at dawn. Directly in front of the fishing is no longer fed to.Two hard corn kernels 6 hook serve as bait (the tip of the hook is exposed), which should be always at the bottom. A slight lead shot is clamped five centimetres before the bait on the cord.A montage with Waggler float is at the right edge of the feeding site and a second Assembly is placed by a wide margin on the left. You won’t need waiting for bites of carp in shallow water.