First 8 MIUI Video, Which Breaks with The IOS Style

The Xiaomi’s next Tuesday May 10 event does not cease fatten in content. Because besides the bracelet my Band 2 and phablet Xiaomi Max, it will also have a hole for the new version of the reinterpretation Xiaomi makes Android, 8 MIUI.
Anticipating what is to come, the Chinese company has published a short video where you can see one of its elements, perhaps the most important of all that have to do with the user interface: the new bar of notifications and quick adjustments. Many changes in design and functionality that away it completely from iOS.
Radical change in the presentation of the contents. Under a large and colorful header, perhaps too much, it appears a unique access to quick Settings toolbar where are all the icons that we have chosen to show, arranged in a single line that runs from left to right without take full screen, not even the brightness adjustment bar.
In the current version of MIUI all buttons are hit in an own window that occupies the entire screen, which stock is accessed by a side, as the second stretched for Android but to one side instead of down. The new design, however, reminds me of the form of organization of contents of quick access from LG.
On the other hand, in this first show jump to view the clear, white and greenish tones, that it marked a sharp contrast to dark colors that has used MIUI 7 to notify. That Yes, there are many chances of is something that can be changed in the customization options or next topics.
A change of direction that evades the interface of smartphones of Xiaomi’s style of Apple, which both have similar during all these years, to approach the most important Android. We have to check if its engineers have also made a setting to its resource management and 8 MIUI a little less demanding need for RAM.
On May 10 will be at the foot of the Canyon to transmit all these innovations, and hopefully also be surprises in the pipeline.