Filtered Images and Features of The HTC Bolt: without Jack for Headphones or BoomSound

We have already some time seeing get rumors and leaks a future terminal of HTC deslabazadas. With the name of HTC Bolt, known as Acadia at the heart of the Taiwanese manufacturer, the device is getting ready to land on the market in this month of October, supposedly. And despite what initially commented, it seems to be available around the world and not only in the United States by the hand of the operator Sprint.
Much been made of the relationship between HTC and Google after the presentation of the Pixel where the manufacturer based in Taiwan served as mere constructor, going back to its origins. However, HTC road solo continues as usual and the new model last longer its preparations, according to which a completely finished model has been leaked, so lifting the veil which covers.

Nougat, without headphone jack and BoomSound

Possibly the most positive news of all those that have surrounded this future HTC Bolt is that it would have, always picking up rumors unconfirmed cautiously, with 7.0 Android Nougat. This would be so, if memory does not fail us, of the first mid-range on porting the new version the operating system of Google, by now only present in the Nexus and some other available device, such as the LG V20.
We talked about it as a mid-range despite the fact that the total of its specifications, is not known even the processor that will largely be who place the model in the category that corresponds. 5.5 inches FullHD would have and we think we know that it will come with 3GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage that we can expand with a microSD.
Rumors and leaks have hinted some additional data, as that would come with USB type C, something that seems to be confirmed with the filtered images, and that would not count with headphone jack. Following the trend initiated by others, and this same year by bike Z / 7 iPhone, HTC bring the sound through the C USB port, so we assume that it will include an adapter of some sort in the box.
Other data that we know from your photograph, and together with other information gathered so far, it is that you will not have the characteristic front speakers BoomSound stereo system. The HTC Bolt will arrive with a classical speaker at the bottom Terminal although Yes there will be an audio chip dedicated that will reinforce the experience through the USB headset.
There is no fingerprint reader, essential at this stage for any terminal that you want to be competitive, located on the Home button on the front panel. Camera seems to come to the 18 megapixel camera with Aperture f/2.0 and you capture video in 4 K, a quality that would be not the 8 megapixel front that just recorded video with FullHD resolution.
As we mentioned at the beginning, the HTC Bolt seemed destined to only launch in United States with the operator Sprint, but now It seems that it will be available worldwide. We do not know if with the same name or one destined for the international market, something that HTC has already done on several occasions in the past.