FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 Mascot

World Cup 2010 held in South Africa, namely from 11 June to 11 July Orange Fever is already fully present in many. The streets are decorated and the most original and outrageous orange articles, mascots and gadgets can be bought, can be obtained free of charge and saved messages. Both adults and children are involved in this craze.

Types Fan & Mascots And Gadgets for the World Cup

The articles related to the World Cup, can be divided into a number of different ways in the species. In particular, the way in which one can get into possession of interest, for example:

  • When doing errands in particular supermarkets, you get a gadget with a certain amount of food. Often these devices belong to a series, so that they are attracted to want to save the series together. These are often small gadgets in the form of a figure related to football.
  • Manufacturers of products offer gadgets either free or a small payment for the purchase of certain products.These can usually be ordered via the Internet or a form can be posted. Think of shirts, hats and caps and decorate attributes.
  • There are also typical fan goods that can be purchased in various shops, including supermarkets, department stores, home stores and over the Internet shops. Think shirts, flags and decorate attributes.

Which Orange Gadgets, You Can Now Save at The Supermarket

Here is a summary of a variety of mascots that you can get at supermarkets.

  • C1000 has GOGO in the form of a small doll and a sticker. These can save and you can do with the game. The gogos are from 9 football nations and was 10 euros in the food you already. For more information on the website of GOGO.
  • Albert Heijn, succeeding Wuppie and Welpie now Beesie, a hairy blackhead available in orange, red, white and blue. On the website, you can do all sorts of fun activities with Beesie and also you can encounter him in many places online.
  • Additionally, you can save up to applaud the band by up to 32 countries. For every 15 euros messages and on specially selected items, there is something for you.
  • Super de Boer has Bungels in as many as 24 variants, you get free with certain products.
  • Coop, you can save the orange buddies.
  • Dirk Bas Digros and get € 15 each on food VM hand.
  • When shopping at the Spar for 10 euros you get a Sparky save money and save for two coins, you get a figure Sparky.

Gadgets Attached Additional Measures And Competitions

  • Hypermarkets providing gadgets to food, also has its own website where you can read all about action.
  • In addition, often you have all kinds of extra games that you can do with it and that sometimes you can win.
  • In addition, Save the mascots even more exciting because, for example, a bronze and a gold GOGO Bungel named Humphrey.
  • Many gadgets also has its own Hyves, fanclub, ringtone for your mobile phone or tweets.

What Are Some of the World Cup Goods For Sale

There is a lot of fun, usually orange, items for sale that are related to the World Cup in 2010. A selection from the wide range of gadgets and fan series:

  • Bavaria dress, the popular Dutchy dress.
  • All kinds of hats, caps and hats a true fan helmet in the shape of a half football.
  • Many types of watches.
  • Orange snack bowls that you can full of goodies for you to put down during the games.
  • Dutch flag with a high WC content.