Female Short Blouses

How To Use The Cropped-Top Tips

The belly is one of the strongest trends of the summer 2013/2014. Improved and more sophisticated, now she let out only a strip of skin at the waist, making a charm and leaving the look more modern. See how to use the new top cropped:
The cropped top, for those who still do not know, is a kind of Bustier that covers part of the stomach, leaving the rest of the belly showing. The new trend is to combine this top with waist high, i.e. making meeting of the two parts, but always leaving an opening at the waist, showing skin. This opening should be about two fingers high.
The combinations that make more success with cropped tops are the pantsuits, which are also one of the strongest trends of these stations. Here at breathtakingdresses.com you can get more different models of the fashion clothing. You use the top with a skirt, shorts or pants of the same fabric, the same pattern. You can also combine a smooth Bustier with a piece of the bottom stamped, or rather, under smooth and on top with print.
The skirts that most match the top cropped are the long, the short rounds and the pencil. The Daisy Dukes style “hot pants” are beautiful, like other high-waisted traditional models. The shortest bar guy pants also look great in this look.
Bet on ethnic prints, florals and chevron to modernize the look with cropped top. The natural income models are also doing much success and has super summer’s face.