Favorite Watch: Uwe Burfeind

The Managing Director Of The Wempe Stuttgart Branch Has Lived And Worked With Watches For 50 Years

Is there a watch mark that everyone knows, even if it does not (still) have to do with watches? Right, Rolex. No wonder, therefore, that Rolex stainless steel models are the entry-level watch for many watch lovers. At least, says Uwe Burfeind, the managing director of the Wempe branch in Stuttgart.
And he must know, because he has been with the Hamburg family business for 50 years. It began with the training as watchmaker at Wempe in Hamburg. Even then it was his wish to be active in a leadership position. But he does not want to be trained as a watchmaker today when he has achieved his goal. “It is the basis for my watch knowledge,” he continues to enthuse. “In addition, I have developed interesting customer discussions and encounters in my career.”
Even today, the expertise is important to the customer. Although they would often be aware of the brands and models they would like to see before the visit to the jewelers’ website, or publications such as Chronos and WATCH MAGAZIN, as Uwe Burfeind says. “The jeweler’s opinion as an expert “Burfeind also knows which models watch enthusiasts are interested in:” Often limited watches are the focus of attention. And, of course, different models from Patek Philippe and Rolex. “Women are also popular with large, sporty models with automatic movements. Men, on the other hand, would like to opt for a watch with a manual lift.
And what is Uwe Burfeind himself fond of? “My favorite time is the Junghans-Fliegeruhr champion pilot .” The has he bought in his apprenticeship in Hamburg from his first salary. But of course it is not the only watch that he owns, so that he can create another model on his wrist. Only one thing never happens with Uwe Burfeind-no watch to wear. “It is part of my morning ritual to put the right watch to my outfit or to choose a model to match my mood.” Sk
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