Fashion Summer Nail Polish Colors – Fashion Trend Summer Nails

Every day are new colors and new features to make your nails more beautiful. Are new color trends, formats, decoration, leaving women fascinated with such beauty and good taste.
The summer fashion trend for nails arrived in vibrant tones, colorful and with lots of charm and style. Are orange, blue, wine, black, pink, natural nails manicured or fake nails, leaving the women always beautiful and well cared for.
Keep the nails done and taken care of is a matter of hygiene and good taste. If you can’t afford a manicure, do it yourself at home your nail, keeping them clean, and made, always with glaze sets. The trend of summer fashion glaze came full of news for you, check out tips and show your good taste with the nails well made with the glaze of summer fashion:
The color of transparent white enamel is always in fashion, enjoy, it goes with everything.
Winter colors, such as blues, remain high.
New colors that came to shine are yellow and Tangerine tones.
For those who like green, your success and shine is guaranteed.
Purple, coffee and dark tones of winter, will continue the trends of fashion summer Nail Polish.
Glazes with phosphorescent effects are successful at night and on holidays.
For those who like nails decorated, nail art, can match these colors of Nail Polish trend nail fashion with decor.