Fashion Jeans!

Today our topic is about Puramania jeans. I love and live by using the parts I have, who aconpanha me on instagram already know! And Puramania has a variety of jeans that today I will explain here. The brand has options for all styles, sizes and ages, and I’m not stupid or anything I lost no time and rode this editorial to show you guys a little bit, tim tim tim tim for the parts, the details. After consolidating in the market sets the Puramania, once again, in his collections the best in brazilian fashion, always prioritizing the use of quality raw materials. Authentic and original, nothing better than good and corniga jeans for several productions of the day, we’re going to learn a little bit about the brand jeans from Clothesbliss? Come on!
Flare:With the hook in place is essential to any pants women’s wardrobe. Its main feature is a wide mouth, a rereading of the flared pants that were references in 70 years. The pants was reformulated with the waist in place fair legs to the knee and your mouth wider.
Micro Flare:is a model that dominated the trends. Part of a rereading of the flare. Is more dry, without exaggerated proportions, just to the knee and is gaining slightly in the mouth opening. His highest waist leaves the elegant and sophisticated look.
Venice: Its hook is higher, fits and models the body, elongating your silhouette and helps lower belly. Guarantees a visual chic and modern.
Super up:sales Suuuuuuucesso. The super up comes with “internal padding in the butt”, prancing and valuing the feminine silhouette, your design is unobtrusive and nothing artificial.
Thera:its main feature is the waistband anatomical rodent that has the same effect as a belt around the body, always with fair legs like skinnies. Is a model of lower hook super sexy valuing the curves.
Paris:Has the Middle Hook, is the classic fashion. Have a perfect drape valuing and defining better the hip. Legs always skinnies and adaptable.
The SURANI sells wholesale Puramania representations. That’s right, tenants who are in search of news from the fashion world cannot be left out of the newest collection of Puramania with representation of the SURANI. The just a peek in the flashes I made to show you.
Take a look!