Fashion: Hot Tips for the Fall/Winter

ah, winter: beloved station by some and hated by others. in winter the looks are more charming and elaborate. it’s easy to work a composition with accessories and a few layers when the weather helps, doesn’t it? the fashion world has their favorite outfits for this season, but it’s up to you to take creativity to use what they think beautiful, comfortable and that combines with your routine. we will inspire us in the trends for autumn/winter 2015?

  • SWEATSHIRTS:Yes, oddly enough the sweatshirts in are with all this year! Extremely comfortable pieces that allow for greater flexibility to make informal looks or not. Abuse of colored prints (don’t feel guilty in falling into cliché of chess) and thematic (cities, works of art, etc.). The sweatshirts were key parts of many international shows and it looks like they went back to stay!
  • CLASSIC COLORS AND THEIR REINTERPRETATIONS:The black and white married well (always) but this season the cool is to combine new colors to compose looks super stylish. The Red comes with full force, but run the standards: Carmin, Escalate and Burgundy are great options to vary the shades of color beige, as always, is welcome; as well as the various (and beautiful) variations of Brown. Remember: A clean combination of neutral colors let any look beautiful!
  • MILITARISM:Yes, but in a more discreet. Boots and camouflage parts, weighing some compositions, leave the scene. Waistlines marked shoulders highlighted and bulky coats are the most apt bet. Accessories in shades of Brown and dark green and boots lend an air to looks even more beautiful with this inspiration.
  • ABOVE-THE-KNEE BOOTS:Over the knee boots are the darlings of the winter for some time. Are various models that can match any look. Just choose always harmonious combinations (and the hype).
  • VINTAGISMO:Of all the news and trends, the vintagismo is the strongest in all seasons. For the 2015 winter abuse influences the years 60 & 70: straight bangs, high waist, tailoring and belly out. Vibrant colors too much give way to more mature and complete looks. Accessories are a charm to this type of inspiration!
  • LINGERIE FOR WINTER:It is possible to extend the comfort of winter also looks for lingerie. Pieces in different fabrics, colors and style. Winter lingerie exudes elegance and you end up having a perfect look: Since his compositions with the pieces of everyday life, to lingerie. Learn about several options by clicking here.

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