Farm to Feet Boulder Socks

Optimal freedom of movement in the rugged Boulderhose

Each movement must sit in bouldering. Just when difficult, technically challenging climbing trains, a Boulderhose that gives optimum freedom of movement the climbers, is essential. Who attaches great importance to functionality, durability but also on fashion design, belongs to a Boulderhose on all cases in the Boulderausrüstung! But not only on the rock Boulderhosen serve their purpose. They give a very good figure by her cut loose and casual as fashionable slacks. So off to the rock with the sporty Boulderhose!

What makes special Boulderhosen?

Whether the rock or in the Hall, bouldering putting back some extremely difficult routes, which require a lot off the body. Each handle must agree, every step must sit. It also Boulderhosen should meet some special features.
Is very important on all cases that a Boulderhose is robust. In rough contact with sharp rock edges or friction on the climbing wall, the material should hold and not immediately break.
Of course, Boulderhosen should be comfortable. A good fit ensures that the Boulderhose climbing does not become the load. In complex situations, which require the highest concentration, should not disturb the pants. Because if the Boulderhose tweaks, tweaks, or edges, this can be very fast to distraction.

Full mobility through the appropriate Boulderhose

Boulderhosen perhaps the most important property is that they do not restrict the freedom of movement but. Especially in bouldering, it is extremely important that the pants really makes any movement and does not interfere with climbing.
Boulderhosen are made of elastic and light materials and provide optimal freedom of movement with a loose and comfortable cut. Through a high expanse of leg, the leg bouldering have always enough room. So you can cope without having the pants will become the barrier complex passages.
Also a rock climbing harness can be with Boulderhosen without any problems, without having it disturbing. A softer, often even elastic waistband ensures comfortable fit on the hips and firm hold.
A Boulderhose should provide also sufficient storage space for small items such as keys or cell phone. Many models include brush holders, so it has the Boulder brush always ready when even a dirty handle to be cleaned.
By their sporty fashionable and comfortable cut many Boulderhosen are an eye-catcher also away from the climbing wall. No matter whether at the relaxed stroll, the city or the leisurely day at home on the sofa, a Boulderhose is always a good choice!