Fairphone 2 in the Test: If LEGO, Eco Think and Reason Meet

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Fairphone 2 is not a high end device, but sufficient technique, which can be extended in the future for most users. In the price war with its competitors, it attracts the shorter clear. So the technically comparable oneplus X costs only half. But it’s not about the ecological LEGO Smartphone also! The transparent focus on fairer conditions of production and the moral challenge to the inflationary waste of electric rain much more to think about. Or have you ever wondered where the many small components of your current smartphones come from exactly? Per solid technology for everyday applications easily interchangeable many components can be improved in the future with new hardware functional, but getting used to stone design encourages assessment of drafting satisfying fast thinking on contra comparatively high price, sharper, Carl: with an avalanche of new smartphones, cell phone manufacturers are competing 2016 again to favor the buyer. Whether Samsung’s Galaxy S7, the iphone 7 from Apple or Huaweis Mate 8, also the new year is marked by premium champions polished up. In addition to technical numbers games and optical experiments, modular smartphones could create 2016 the breakthrough. First of all: The small technology experimental kits are more than just toys! In terms of sustainability they should declare war on the inflationary waste of electric and in some cases even fair production conditions. 2016 across front with it: Google with project ARA. But where the Internet giant only still going, the Dutch company Fairphone has already arrived.

Video on the subject

Transparency, sustainability, and fair production. The modular Fairphone 2 declare war on power wastage. A look inside. Fairphone 2: Screwed up ecological LEGO Smartphone

In terms of amount of time

Early 2014 that brought the first Fairphone on the market, which was at the time solid middle-class technology start-up. With the Fairphone 2, the successor to more powerful and more expensive with 530 euro appears these days. The 5-inch LCD display dissolves in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) at 446 ppi (pixels per inch) hot, can with the colorful AMOLED competition from Samsung, oneplus & co. But not keep. The Snapdragon-801-quad core processor cycles four times 2.26 gigahertz and uses to 2 gigabytes of memory. This allows a fluid navigation through the customized Android-5.1 interface. In the benchmark tests by our site reaches the eco Smartphone a place in Smartphone midfield: Geekbench 3 comes in individual cores on 916 points and 2,590 in the multi core.

Low battery and meager cameras

The battery full 2.420 mah easily lasted a day during normal cell phone use, needs but compelling new energy at night. The 8-megapixel rear camera shoots satisfactory images in good light conditions, fight in the dark but with noise and spongy gradients. The front camera is whether the elderly 2 megapixel lacking sharpness and vibrant colors. At the end of this test report you will find links to sample images which have been created with the Fairphone. Their photos have ample space on the 32 gigabyte (GB) of internal memory, up to 200 GB thanks to a suitable memory card slot but also on an outsource large microsd. Fast Internet access via LTE and Wi-Fi-ac include the facilities of the Fairphone 2. The integrated dual-SIM technology eliminates a second cell phone upon request equip the device with two SIM-cards.
The first Fairphone in the Test: Smartphone for the good Conscience

Promoted Fair, fair trade, fair built

But the technology is not here at the heart. Because more than on the debut, the Dutch in the Fairphone 2 want to respect that is produced under ethical minimum standards. Finally, valuable elements such as gold and other minerals into every Smartphone. Their promotion is partly under inhumane conditions, especially in Africa and Asia. Fairphone respects administration claims already in the purchasing of material on morally defensible sources. So, the company refers to the obtaining of konfliktfreiem Tin and tantalum from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With the optimization of the electronic waste recycling program in Ghana one wants to curb pollution and exploitation. In addition, $ 5 in a Social Fund, self-managed by workers of the Chinese production partner flow per device sold.

Fairphone 2: screwed up eco Smartphone

Modular awakens the child in the man

When you pick the comparatively heavy with 172 grams Fairphone 2 from the pocket with a clear conscience, the biggest constraint is already days: the eco-phone WINS no design award. The integrated protection cover is more of a means to the end and makes the phone much thicker than the slim aluminium competition. Thanks to rubber-coated side surfaces and the rough plastic back which is very vulnerable to scratches, it is nevertheless still well in hand and offers a decisive advantage: this construction admits the user the one or the other fall from waist level. Once, the display Gets a crack, just replace the cracked glass for 85,70 euro. Already on the first test try, that even completely disassemble the device succeeded and it also again work to put together. The change of six directly interchangeable components (screen, battery, front and rear camera, headphone output and the boards corpus) proves to child’s play. The first threshold before the supposedly sensitive technology is overcome and the Velvet paws the conversion if the stable is finally settled, and high-quality processed components in a few minutes made. That makes the interesting way, obsolete in future items (about the mediocre 8-megapixel camera) against new components to be replaced.

Rates and availability of the Fairphone 2

The Fairphone 2 can be ordered exclusively through the in-house Fairphone Web store at the price of 529,28 euro. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the earliest delivery begins in January 2016. Prices for the interchangeable Smartphone accessories start at 20,16 euro (battery and USB module) and end at 85,70 euros for the display unit. The existing polycarbonate shells (there in blue, black and transparent) cost 27,23 euros. Remains to be seen whether the broad mass of smartphone users is ready to pay for the features of ecological LEGO mobile phone firmly and even smears in terms of design in buying take.