Facts You Need to Know about Football

Football, which is now recognised the word not. Professional football players earn good money, while some of them have made a hobby of a profession. Easy right. In this article I will explain some basic things. It’s not like you at the end of this article, suddenly you’re a professional athlete, but you will certainly learn something from it.

Under means a football match between two teams. The teams consist each of a goalkeeper and 10 outfield players. The aim of the game is to get a ball into the goal of the opponent. In addition, both the ball with the head, feet or any other part of your body to be affected. Match time is 2 x 45 min., And is interrupted by the rest. The management is in the hands of a judge, assisted by two linesmen and objective monitors compliance with the rules.
If the ball has completely exceeded the goal line between the goal posts and crossbar, is a goal scored. In this case the game, such as at the beginning and after the break, resumed at the ball in the middle of the playfield again bring into play. Once the ball has passed one of the two side lines, the game will use the resumed a caste. The ball lands outside the goal mouth over the end line, must be either a corner or a goal kick.
Violating the rules will be penalized in football by free kicks or penalty kicks. Sentence errors in 16 m zone should be created. The judge has the right to a player who is guilty of unsportsmanlike, to give a warning or send the player on the pitch.
The 16-meter-room hotel is centrally located for both goals. This is seen as a punishment room range from finish line 16.5 meters forward, and of Poles 16.5 meters aside. This field displays an error committed by the defending team, when the referee gives a penalty.
In football, they played with a leather ball with a hollow interior circumference of 68-71 cm and weigh between 396 and 453 grams.
Corners in football is on all four sides of the Board are indicated by flags. Judge gives a hat kick when the ball from defender or goalie comes into your own network.
The goal in football 7.32 m meters in width and 2.44 mi height. Poles and slats consist of aluminum and is rounded. To get a valid goal, the ball crossed the finish line at full volume.
Target area
The purpose of the rooms in football is the domain of the goalkeeper. It stretches for 5.5 m from the finish line, respectively. 5.5 m on the side of the posts. In the target area, the goalkeeper may not be prevented by a player of the opposing team.
A penalty imposed by the judge in the football is kicked from 11 meters from goal. Under the new rules can already move a goalkeeper in the run-up of the shot, unlike before.
The referee to whistle a penalty, if an attacker is prevented in 16-metersområdet. When a tie after extra time it also penalty each team alternating at least five penalties, stairs. The situation is still equal, kicks, each team took turns a punishment until one team misses and the other scores.
Yellow card
With yellow card referee in football a player warns, for example. Since ruwspel, hands, bets foreclosure, insult, etc.). A second yellow card in the immediate exclusion of the player as a result as well as an automatic suspension for the next game: the so-called yellow-red card).
Red card
The red card in soccer means immediate exclusion of the player. The judge replies with this action rude or rough games, revenge, insults or scratches on the judge, hands on their goal line, rough play against the attacker for this purpose as well as the past behind by members of the opposing team. The incorrect stop a player only breaks in principle will be punished with a red card.
At a forced red card decided a Commission in certain cases, for the duration of the suspension. To reduce this measure as variant introduced yellow-red card. After a second failure in the game follows the immediate exclusion of the player as well as an automatic suspension for the next game.
A red card in the League has no effect on participation in competitions with the national team and European club competitions.
The judge is supported by football with two line judges. They show an arbitrator, or a ball has the side, rear or crossed the finish line, or a player is offside.
In these decisions, the judge is based mostly on his colleagues. With a whistle he interrupts the game after a foul. If sanctions him the following options:

  • Piece.
  • Penalty.
  • Yellow card.
  • Yellow-red cards.
  • The red card.
  • The judge reserves the right to stop, to obtain the time after the last 45 minutes. In the.

A game of football lasts 90 minutes. With a break of half of 15 minutes. Because the WORLD CUP 98 in France judges go on the orders of FIFA initiating and consistently in overtime to get all stops considered. It is therefore an extension of 3-5 min. no longer really exceptional.
It was after 90 minutes. Also draw and a winner should show up, then there is an extension of 2 x 15 min, Which under the new rules, the first goal completed the victory.
Also leads to enlargement to nothing when it comes to sanctions, which should make each team five shots, varied, and are level again until the winning goal has been dropped.
Soccer Exchange
A football team made up of 10 field players plus a goalie. During the game, up to three players can be replaced. For this, the line judge giving a signal to the referee for the next game to take place.
When it is done on a player is not too seriously wrong with the ball at his feet or when he tackled and the ball remains in the same law, gives the judge the benefit of the team and let them play instead of them free kick. This provides the ability to capture back to game the plow without loss of time. If the counterparty does not have time to qualify and prepare a counterattack. A team gets the privilege of going through with the ball, try to make a case.
Throw and flick
When a ball crossing the external lines, the ball is awarded to the other party. When the ball crosses the sideline, a roll designated. On a throw the ball behind his head with both hands and the player must remain off the field to insert. If the ball is thrown on the sidelines and not to enter the area, the ball has to happen again. The ball collides with the judge, and he goes back out, then the ball to the opposing team. A girl is given when a player plays the ball past other finish line outside of work.Then the goalkeeper or a player putting the ball back in play by kicking him with a running start. The ball goes into your own network, then the referee allows a corner. When the opponent may kick the ball from the corner score for this purpose so that the team can try to make a case.
Every team needs followers of the best kind. Supporters should support the Club through good and bad times. At home in the European game and his followers not to imagine. They are haunting of a football match. but the mood of a fan depends on the spectacle that their team shows. With his sentence songs and their texts chanted as they light up the mess. Unfortunately there are a lot of followers who records everything carefully and do not see success in the other team. Many can not swallow the criticism and texts from supporters of other teams, they do it too rough and begin demolition or with a game of bras. Then football becomes a hellish nightmare instead of a party. Sometimes it really is her hard, so hard that the local police should take steps so that cities do not have to suffer. Sometimes it’s much worse, because the two spy copper at a neutral place before or after the match has a meeting to beat each other to a pulp.
The goal posts and crossbars together form the target. The targets are located in the middle of the short sides of the rectangular field of play. In both cases, there is a target area, bounded by two lines, perpendicular to the target line and cut each other at a distance of 51 m from each pole; These lines are 51 m long and joined at the ends of a line parallel to the goal line. Moreover, there is a penalty area on both halves of the field, bounded by two lines, perpendicular to the target line and cut at a distance of 161 m from each pole; These lines are 161 m long, and attached to the ends of a line parallel to the goal line. At 11 m distance from each objective is, above the middle of the goal, a penalty spot. This point as center outside the penalty area is an arc with a radius of 9.15 m. At the corners of the game board is flagposts must extend at least 11 m above the ground. With each vertex as the Center is the fourth of a circle drawn with a radius of 90 cm, so that the corners of the region is formed. Then there’s the middle line and the center circle.
Football must be not less than 90 m. In fact, no longer than 120 metres. And no wider than 90 meters, or less than 45 metres. It makes the world of football, FIFA. But in fact you are still quite a few to choose, as a field of 45 meters wide and 90 meters, which saves a lot. Especially a lot of Walking! And you can also play the FIFA square fields.
Game rules
The duration of the game is 90 minutes, divided into two halves of 45 minutes. During the game, it is permitted to replace two players. In the regular League games a victory is measured with three match balls, draw a score for either team, a defeat with zero points. Sometimes ports on competition points equal value is attached to goal difference or goals on average.
The management of the competition is in the hands of an arbitrator, who is assisted by two linesmen.The judge must enforce policies and impose sanctions accordingly. He can deny the players play more if they misbehave seriously or if their games are rude or mean. He also lets players for various crimes, such as a law, summarize the behavior incorrectly under a yellow card?? ?? give a warning and send them in a new crime that would require a warning from the field. Also important is the offside rule.Prohibited are: an opponent to kick or attempt to bring down an opponent, jumping at an opponent, on rough or dangerous attacking an opponent, attacking from behind, hitting an opponent’s leg with his hand or arm of an opponent, pushing with your hand or arm, hand or arm to play ball. All these nine violations? But only if they are intentionally going on?? punishable by a direct free kick, which was a free kick can be done directly and which opponents must take at least 9.15 m from the ball. Happen this offence in the box of the player of the defending team, it was awarded a penalty kick, a shot from the penalty spot, which should keep all the fielders outside the penalty area and at least 9.15 m from penalty. Penalties from both teams, made at some matches after regular time and a possible extension, to force a decision.
In addition, there are crimes for which a free-kick to be given a free kick which can’t be done directly. Such violations are: offside, dangerous game, attacking with the shaft if the ball is not within reach of the actors involved, attacking the goalkeeper within his crease but the ball possession, carrying the ball by the goalkeeper if it would be appropriate to do much with the ball and beyond, is the road to block an opponent … without the ball is played. A point awarded to the attacking team when the ball was last touched by a player of the defending team and the ball crossing the goal line. If a player of the attacking team puts the ball on the enemy defensive line the game resumed with a goal kick. A player places the ball on the sideline, the opponent takes the roll.According to a recent rule goalkeeper, the ball did not take a hand during a team-mate with the foot is played. The power to adopt and amend rules rests on the International Board, a body composed of representatives from the British associations and President of FIFA.
How it all began
Even in the most remote corners of the world can always find someone who knows nothing about football.Netherlands, they often have not heard. But if you’re talking about Cruyff, Bergkamp or David, immediately turn the laughs on your shoulders! But how did that happen? And where it all began? For centuries people play games like soccer. More than 2000 years ago they were in China, tsu chu “Kick Ball. Goal posts she poked a pair of tall bamboo poles in the ground. A little later, Greece had the game “pheninda. A kind of football, but you can also move the ball with your hands. The Romans at the time had just such a game. They called it “hapastum.” The two teams played on a rectangular field. You had to get the ball over the back line of the opponent. But it was no?? really?? football, because the invaders could just about throw the ball! Supporters can also kick the ball.
More than four hundred years ago, it started to really look like: 1580 Italian Giovanni Bardi did a list of rules for the game of “calcio”. “Calcio” comes from the word “calciare”, which means high.Calcio was not quite the game of football that we play now. Yet the Italians soccer is still known as “calcio”. In England, they played four hundred years ago, even though the “football”, but without the It went village to village. The intention was to get the ball in your own village. The whole environment was so field. Forests, meadows, rivers, all used in the game. Men, women and children all participated. It was hard and it must have been a strange sight: all the villagers to run behind a ball!
Football as we know it, is about 150 years old. It occurred at boarding schools and colleges in England. Where students played more and more “football”. Each school had its own rules. So uncomfortable about the schools played against each other. A group of students from Cambridge began in 1848 to set certain rules on paper. Who sent them on to other schools. Not everyone was immediately agree, but from 1877 still played all in England under the same rules. Then it was thus born in modern football!
Game Quality
British soccer rose to about 1920 and was a dominant position for several decades thereafter be regarded as authoritative. When football became an Olympic sport, came together with England in particular, some South American countries, especially Brazil and Uruguay. Italy and Germany also gathered in the big football Nations. Many countries were already before the second world war, to accept professionalism or half-professionalism, where the game quality has greatly promoted. Belgium introduced a bonus system in 1936. Netherlands did not keep pace with international developments. Only in 1954 was under duress of circumstances? the establishment of a separate profession football??professional football is accepted. The following year, the first individual League started in professional football. Many prominent players who had gone abroad returned. Since then, the football in Netherlands steadily gained momentum. The March culminated in the European Cup-tournaments for national champions 1970-1973, where first and then Feyenoord Ajax won the Cup. PSV won the European Cup in 1988, Ajax won the European Cup in 1987 and the UEFA Cup in 1992. PSV and Feyenoord won the UEFA Cup, respectively. in 1974 and 1978. The Dutch national team achieved great international results by penetrating 1974 in Germany and 1978 in Argentina to the final of the World Championship. In 1988, it was the European champion in Germany.
Since the second world war made in Belgium, Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht and Standard national titles; in 1976 and 1978, Anderlecht won the 1983 European Cup winners ‘ Cup and UEFA Cup, the 1988 KV Mechelen won the European Cup winners ‘ Cup. The Belgian national team experienced since the late seventies remarkable successes in 1980 was the second in the European Championship for national teams, in 1982, for the first time reached the second round of the final tournament in the 1986 World Cup and the fourth in the WORLD CUP in Mexico.
You know that Brazil has one of the best football in the world. During the 1970 FIFA World Cup Brazil showed how beautiful football. People came from all over the world to watch the matches in Brazil. With its beautiful balcontroles and their very smart free-kicks. Brazil became world champion in 1994. It is sometimes said that the country’s most successful team of all time.
Italy played five World Cup finals including three won. It became European champion in 1968. Azurre, another name for Italy, is without doubt one of the best football teams in the world.
Game equipment
Over the years, many systems master the tactics of the game. Initially, the scope of the Orthodox system with an attacking twist and a five-man Vanguard line. In the early twenties found it stopperspil-or WM system input. The arrangement here is 3?? 2?? 2?? 3, a symmetry that is also expressed by the letters WM. In this system is the third stopperspil back. WM system was late 1950s seating for 4?? 2?? 4 system, in particular the two players in the midfield has to constantly switch from offensive to defensive game patterns and vice versa. The catenaccio is an Italian invention, and in fact a variant of the defensive 4?? 2?? 4 system. The catenaccio was characterized by a hard man mark and, as a result, some aggressive impulses. AJAX Rinus Michels, the Dutch national team introduced the beginning of the seventies, the so-called total football:. A very attacking style, where all players got more than one task and is not tied to one place. Because dominates in international football is not a particular game system. But the most common formation in modern football must be 4-4-2 lineup. Other formations are those of 3-5-2, 4-3-3 or 5-3-2-shelf. These formations have all a very great interest in the development of the race. They decide now exactly which team wins or loses. It is therefore important to make the right choice.
Several organizations

  • Cup: this is a waste laps. All clubs of a certain country to play against each other. Whoever wins can go ahead. The one that loses is onuitroepelijk out. This continues until there are only two clubs left. They must then play the final. Who will win, the Cup?? ??. This apostasy round held annually.
  • Competition: the competition is by far the largest organization in the country. Each club must play twice against every other Club in the country. Back home, and the other times. If you lose you have zero points. If you win, you have 3 points. If there is a tie, both teams score a point. The competition usually held each week. But there is still a winter break in between.


  • WK: the most famous and populaier competition in football is the World Cup. It is held every four years. Each time in a different country. It began in 1930 with only 13 countries, and now there are more than 140. The countries first must pass the first round in order to qualify to get one of the 32 countries for finalerodne. Worldwide, people are looking for is 1.7 billion, or nearly one-third of the world’s total population. The final of the 1998 World Cup was between France and Brazil. This competition saw only 800 million people.
  • OAK: European Football Championship is every four years since 1960 georga-ized. From 1960 to 1976, four teams qualified for the playoffs. Between 1980 and 1992, there were eight. Since 1996, 16 teams in the finals.
  • Euro 2000: EURO 2000 will be played in two countries and eight cities. This is the first time in the history of the European Football Championship as two countries jointly organize this tournament.Belgium and the Netherlands. All cities are within driving distance, and therefore it is expected that many fans do not remain in the host city. The host cities will do everything we can to keep supporters and maintain.
  • Champions league: this is a combination of a League and a waste. To be eligible, you must be there for first in the national contest of a specific, European country. If this is the case, you will get to the other clubs in other European countries, so-called pools today. The six four clubs in a group. This is a small?? ?? competition. Each club must play twice against another Club from the same group. Once home and once. Who will win, three points, who loses gets 0 points, and whoever plays will correspond to a point. If the League is done and you are the top two in the pool so you can jump to the 1/8 finals. This is actually a waste laps. The other two best of the other pools also meet. So you have to play against. This decision by FIFA or by drawing lots. That eventually reaches the final and WINS also sounded out best?? ?? Club called Europe. The Club will get a cup and a lot of money. The Champions League is held every year.
  • UEFA Cup: It was established in 1954. This is basically like the Champions League, but much larger.Then comes the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th best in each European country together. It is also a combination of competition and waste around. It is also held every year. The winner will also receive a trophy and a lot of money. That then gets to 2nd?? best?? ring Club in Europe.

Equipment of the players
Imagine: steel tip shoes, a shirt with a sweater, hat or Cap. Clothing, for example, to make a great hiking, you might think. Now, roughly 100 years ago this football clothing. And the judge was in a suit and tie and bowler hat on!
Now playing football in the clothes in which they can move easily. When a match they wear football boots with studs underneath, so that they don’t slide. In the lower range, to the preminiemen, they play with shoe with solid rivets. From miniemen allowed to play with loose studs. Each team has a captain who is responsible for the team. This differs from the rest with a captain’s armband. The color of the shirt the goalkeeper should be different than his teammates and opponents.
They also have a wide shirt, a wide football trousers, socks, and Shin guards. All players of a team wear the same color, only the shirt of keeper has a different color. The goalkeeper often have gloves on, and sometimes long pants.
In the beginning was the Dutch team not playing even in orange shirts. All had the shirt of their own club. The audience uncomfortable: which now belong to who?! The home team must change the jerseys when the equipment of visitors are the same color.
Women’s Soccer
The KNVB said in 1972, the first competition for ladies. The playing time is 2 x 30 minutes. In Belgium, the official race for men since 1 sep 1971. The playing time is 2 x 35 minutes.
In the past, but now a lot of girls at football clubs. Some girls just do it in a boys team. Recently, the girls to play football A youth with the boys.
Previously organized a girls ‘ and women’s international tournament in Holland. In different places and with different success. But always with large groups and a lot of fun and sportsmanship. On the initiative of Cock Kleppe of JSV Nieuwegein, is the Foundation to promote girls ‘ and women’s football occurs. As a simple goal: to promote girls ‘ and women’s football, among other things, to continue to organize such a big event. But in a more professional way, because such a large event cannot be organised by a lone wolf. This requires a good structure that is required. With our Foundation, we try to offer this structure.
In America football far more women than men. In 1999, there were World Cup for women. When the final was 65 000 spectators at the stadium. And millions of people watched TV!
In the sixties the futsal popularity. The game is played by teams of seven players. In the Eredivisie season that futsal is played according to FIFA-spelregels.De important rules:

  • A half lasts so long, until 20 minutes elapsed fresh characters, which is maintained by an independent timer (new, previously 35 minutes per half
  • The game is controlled by two judges appointed by the KNVB, who is assisted by a timer, also appointed by the KNVB.
  • Serious infringements the judges give yellow and red cards. A yellow card is a warning, a player with a red card may not play, but after two minutes can be replaced.
  • After the fifth foul in a half committed by a party, the opposing team a free kick without a wall from 12 meters on each subsequent offences (new)
  • It can be unlimited changed
  • The Court should be a rectangle. The length should not exceed 40 metres and not less than 36 metres;width is no more than 20 and no less than 18 metres.
  • The box must begin a radius of six metres from the post.
  • The goals are 3 meters wide and 2 meters high. The width of the goalposts and crossbar must be 8 cm.

How to become a professional football player
To begin with, has natural talent. And you have it or you don’t. Nothing to do. But talent is not enough. You also need to work out very hard. Even if you do not know. And even if it hails, storms or extremely hot. And you need a healthy life, so: niot too much sweets and crisps and arrive on time to the bed. The life of a footballer seems very nice, but you have so much to give up the pleasures of!
If you are really good, chances are you will be discovered. Every football club has paid Scouts, people that are looking for young talent. Scouts see a lot of youth competitions. As a scout, he says that the trainers of their club. They will then look again. They also think that you have talent, then they ask you if you want to go with them footballs!
But you can also log in at your favorite Club. Each club in professional football has once a year an “Open House”. Anyone can come and show how good he is. Many stars are to start, simply by logging in!
You start with the minis. You can drop the F, E and D to the C-class. When you’re on C, then you can often see if you’re good or not.
Then the real work begins: you belong to B and A-youth. Later you go to seniors. They also have classes again.
For each age group competitions. The highest grades of B and A youth play all leagues. If you have not paid the players main class is the highest. Then you still have the first, second, third and fourth grade. You do not have to play in the first team of the Club, then you end up in a lower class. There are quite a few.
To an outsider, the best seem to a football player leads a good life: a workout every day and every weekend a contest. The reality is something different!
In early July, preparations for the new football season. To rebuild the State, players receive a hard program.
During the competition, the education in the first place is to stay in shape. Every day there are exercise, sometimes even two, but every day. For every League match is an approximately four hours to discuss everything thoroughly. For Major League games, coaches and players also go a whole day in privacy.
Several factors affect the development of the young players, namely:

  • innate talent,
  • personal development.

Soccer simulations
In football simulation, the player takes the role of either coach and manager, or his role as a football player. Of course there is also the soccer simulations that offer both options. Here are some games are proposed:
Action Soccer is focused more on action than on a provisional representation. For easier access and better enforcement is almost entirely on the tactical capabilities of a coach abstained. In Exchange, the Soccer Action gives a good gameplay and a lot of action in the penalty area.
Bundesliga Manager Hattrick’s sequel, was published in 1984, Football Manager, if one renounces the first football simulations of active participation in the contest and just concentrates on coaches and administrative sector. Before the Bundesliga Manager Hattrick end of 1994 came on the market, showed the Bundesliga Manager Professional. This version excels in complexity and depth, but the point of the game fades because of the large number of options. At the end of 1996 showed the Bundesliga Manager 97, which was more complicated, but primarily because of some serious errors can hardly play.
When Anstoss takes the player next to the data, the coach also various tasks within the administration.The aim of the game is to make your own team champion. The successor Anstoss WM-Edition simulates the career of a coach. This is a world with full rounds can be played. The goal is to make their national champion team in the world.
FIFA by the player can choose if he wants to work in a friendly match to play or to go to the Championship. In addition to the FIFA Soccer Game provides many other options. The successor to FIFA FIFA Soccer 96 and 97 offers SVGA-graphics, 3D rendering, improved controls and new options.
The player takes the role as team manager in football. The game offers a choice of five European leagues as a total of eleven hours of play can be completed. The game offers a variety of options that are housed in an intelligent user interface.
A few facts

  • Ronaldo has a Ferrari, a Golf TDI, a BMW, a Mercedes and a Porsche in his garage.
  • The highest paid football players earn 350 million net per month.
  • In the largest stadium in the world can make 500 000 supporters there.
  • This Stadium will have a stadium full of everything about such 3000.000.000 fr.
  • PELE is one of the best football players in Brazil. He came to play in Brazil in 1957. His first match was against Argentina, when he was 16 years old.
  • Ronaldo is at this point in time can be the best player in the world. About twenty he scored the winning goal.
  • Dino Zoff was one of the best goalkeepers of his time. Zoff became the oldest player ever World Cup in her hands. In 1982 he was Captain = captain. When he was 40 years old, he finished playing football.And he later coached Lazio.
  • Paolo Maldini is one of the best defenders in the world. In the Italian team, he has the most caps until now.
  • In 1960 earned a player about 40,000 BEF. Not per month, but a year! Empire he was so not. If a good player was sold, a club was sometimes two million BEF. That most people thought it strange. Who is now worth so much money?
  • In our time it is different. Dennis Bergkamp will earn around 2 million BEF. Not per year, not per month. No, per week! It is the BEF 100,000 per game. A match lasts 90 minutes. Just count the fast??Dennis does so 11 100 BEF per minute! But?? Of course, he also sometimes need to work out. And he deserves nothing? ?? with it. But he gets a lot of money. And a lot of players earn more. Roy Keane Manchester United gets three million francs per week!
  • A ball can be around 120 km/h will be kicked
  • A player runs per game so?? s 11 to 13 km away.